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The Grungust Type-3 (グルンガスト参式 | Grungust Sanshiki) is a Banpresto Original Mecha first mentioned in Super Robot Wars Alpha before properly debuting in The 2nd Super Robot Wars Alpha. Part of the Grungust Series as well as the SRX Project, it is formed from the combination of the G-Raptor and G-Bison. In Alpha, the Type-3 was developed from the Grungust Kai, while the Type-3 Unit 2 became infected with Machine Cells in an alternate future and evolved into the Thrudgelmir.

Technological & Historical[]

The Grungust Type-3 is the most advanced Grungust to be built, boasting the highest performance and firepower amongst the Grungust Series. It is formed from the combination of 2 smaller mecha, the G-Raptor aircraft and the G-Bison heavy tank, making up the upper and lower body respectively. Similar to its siblings, the Grungust Type-3 also utilizes the flexible VG Alloy and the inertia-manipulating TGC joints.

Alpha Series[]

3 Grungust Type-3s were built. Unit 1 was installed with a T-Link System, and was supposed to also be equipped with a Tronium Engine as well as a Sanshiki Shishioutou, however there were difficulties in adjusting the Engine, resulting in a Cracker Engine being used instead for the time being. Unit 2, stationed at the Earth Cradle as defense, was tuned specifically for Sänger Sombold, with the combination system omitted, turning it into a one-seater. Along with that is the state-of-the-art liquid metal sword that it wields, the Sanshiki Zankantou. Nothing is known about Unit 3.

SRW Alpha[]

Only mentioned in Super Route. The Type-3 Unit 1 was being stored at the International Police Organization's Beijing Branch for adjustments regarding its Tronium Engine when the base came under attack by the BF Group and Dr. Hell's Kikaijuu army. Fitzgerald the Wonderful then made his way into the base amidst the fighting and discovers the dormant Type-3, before proceeding to slice it in half. Fortunately, the Type-3 did not go to waste, as the later awakened RyuOhKi and KoOhKi absorbed the damaged Grungust Type-2 and Type-3 into themselves, creating RyuKoOh/KoRyuOh.

SRW Alpha Gaiden[]

As for the Unit 2, it was stationed at the Earth Cradle for defense with pilot Sänger Sombold as its pilot. During the timeline which led to the Future World, Sanger's and his Type-3 successfully managed to kill Egret Fehu, who planned to use the Zehirut Crystal-derived Machine Cells to try and take over the Earth Cradle. Unfortunately however, the Type-3 was eventually consumed by the Machine Cells at Magus' command, creating the Thrudgelmir, with Sanger ended up being brainwashed. Sanger and the Thrudgelmir remained under Magus' control for the thousands of years which followed, up until the events of Alpha Gaiden.

SRW Alpha 2[]

In the new parallel timeline created after the Preventers successfully carried out the Aegis Project which protected the Earth from deadly shockwaves, Sanger's Type-3 laid dormant inside the Earth Cradle with its pilot in cold sleep. If Sanger Route was chosen, the Cradle would come under attack from the Jamatai Kingdom and the Mycenae Empire. The assault forced Magus to cancel its Machine Cell materialization and awaken Sanger from his deep sleep, as the Major headed out in his trusty Type-3 to repel enemy forces. Facing his would-be rival Kukuru's Magaruga in combat, Sanger requested for the deployment of the Sanshiki Zankantou, which was heeded by Professor Sophia Nate. Though the Type-3 successfully managed to overwhelm the Magaruga with its new power, the angered Kukuru attacked the section of the Earth Cradle where Sophia was at in retaliation, presumably killing the Professor (in reality Sophia was captured instead). Overcame with grief, Sanger insisted on a path of revenge on his own instead of joining the Daikuu Maryuu Squadron, who arrived to provide support against the remaining enemies. After two more encounters with the Magaruga that shortly followed, the malfunctioned Type-3 was finally taken abroad the Daikuu Maryuu for repairs, as Professor Youzo Daimonji attempted to convince Sanger to live not as Sophia's sword, but as a sword for the people of this era. Seeing the true path in front of him that he shall walk alongside his comrades, Sanger and his Type-3 became incorporated as part of the Daikuu Maryuu Squadron's combat force, as they travelled around the world to repel evil organizations and recruit more fighters.

Midway through the game, as the Alpha Numbers prepared to depart for space from G-Island City, the Jamatai Kingdom launched an attack, resulting in Sanger and his Type-3 staying behind to hold them back. Though he was successful in buying time for his comrades to head out to space, the Grungust Type-3 had its right arm severed by the Machine Cell-boosted Magaruga, rendering its Sanshiki Zankantou unavailable, before receiving further heavy damage. Witnessing the dire situation, those who remained at the Bay Tower Base decided to boot up the incomplete DyGenGuar and send it out to Sanger, as Ratsel Feinschmaker made a timely arrival in his Huckebein Mk-III Trombe to stall more time. With the advent of the War God Armament Assault, the Magaruga was driven away successfully. Following the battle, the Grungust Type-3, having finished its mission, was shelved away, its soul inherited through the Sanshiki Zankantou which DyGenGuar now wields.

OG Series[]

Following the L5 Campaign, with the continuation of the SRX Project, the Tesla Reich Institute set out to develop a new addition to the Grungust Series. Using the Grungust as base, the Grungust Type-3 was built with further emphasis on close-quarters-combat and firepower. 3 units were also built, with Unit 1 and Unit 2 sharing the same settings with their Alpha counterparts, aside from that Unit 1 was equipped with a Plasma Reactor instead of a Cracker Engine as replacement for the Tronium Engine. Unit 3 was also finally introduced properly, armed with the Sanshiki Shishioutou.


Unit 1 was assigned to pilots Brooklyn Luckfield and Kusuha Mizuha, who respectively controls the G-Raptor and G-Bison. As the Hiryuu Kai neared the Chiyou Mound in China, the Type-3 and the Huckebein Gunner were deployed so that their Psycodriver pilots can initiate contact with the excavated Choukijins RyuOhKi and KoOhKi laying dormant there through the T-Link System, as well as to collect operational data on the Type-3 before the installation of its Tronium Engine. Unfortunately, Archibald Grims of Neue DC caught wind of this and headed to the excavation site first, taking the aircraft carrying Prof. Eri Anzai hostage. As the Steel Dragon pilots who arrived shortly after were about to disembark their machines in exchange for the Professor's safety, the Einst appeared, allowing a chance for a counterattack amidst the chaos. Soon, the Persön-Lichkeit appeared, and while initially it and the Type-3 were equally matched, Einst Alchimie took advantage of the Type-3's T-Link System to amplify her own thought waves back to the machine, disabling it, followed by a Mabuieguri attack which heavily damaged the Type-3. Things look bleak for Bullet and Kusuha until the battle-damaged RyuKoOh emerges from the ruins, and while Alchimie was about to absorb it into the Einst, the Choukijin reached out to the 2 Psycodriver pilots inside the Type-3. Confirming the pilots' determination to protect the human realm, RyuKoOh performed the Dragon-Tiger Combination with the Type-3, merging with the mecha in order to repair itself, inheriting its equipment as well as its pilots. Thus, the Grungust Type-3 Unit 1 became part of RyuKoOh, fighting alongside the Steel Dragon Squadron for many more battles to come.

Unit 2 was being stored at the Tesla Reich Institute by the time of the Inspector War. When the Inspectors launched an attack on the Institute, the Project TD pilots and Kusuha Mizuha managed to evacuate from the base with help from Ratsel Feinschmaker's Huckebein Mk-III Trombe, carrying along some of the important mecha held there, with the Unit 2 being one of them. After fending off against another Inspector attacl when en route to the Steel Dragon Squadron, Ratsel separated from the group, bringing the Type-3 with him in order to deliver it to his friend Sanger. After receiving the Type-3, Sanger and Ratsel arrived at Turkey to assist the Hiryuu Kai against a Shadow-Mirror assault. There, the Type-3 clashed blades with the Thrudgelmir. It was later seen again with the Trombe after Sanger and Ratsel tracked down the stolen Shirogane to a Shadow-Mirror base, where they also assisted Lamia Loveless in her escape from said base. During its final sortie, the Type-3 with the Trombe commenced an operation to recapture the Inspector-controlled Tesla Reich Institute. The Type-3 held off against Inspector Vigagi's Galgau to buy time for Ratsel to infiltrate the Institute, however it was soon overwhelmed and heavily damaged, being disarmed of the Sanshiki Zankantou in the process. Fortunately, Wodan Ymir arrived on the Thrudgelmir in order to protect his rival for their eventual duel, as the retaken Institute launches the DyGenGuar. Sanger switched from the Type-3 to the Double G and successfully drove away the remaining Inspector forces. After this battle, the Type-3 Unit 2 was put out of commission, a fate similar to its Alpha 2 counterpart.


The last remaining Type-3, the Unit 3, was introduced following the Inspector War. It serves as Bullet and Kusuha's personal machine for normal military operations, as the Choukijins only awake from their hibernation inside the Tesla Reich Institute when a huge evil can be sensed. Though being a two-seater mecha, Bullet had to pilot the Type-3 all by himself for the majority of the Bartoll Incident due to Kusuha being abducted by the Bartolls along with many other civilians. As the Bartoll Incident comes to a close with the defeat of the Valsion Kai Type-CF, the Type-3 saw action for a short while with both Bullet and Kusuha at the helm until the Choukijins reawaken once more to counter the threat of the Youkijins. With Bullet and Kusuha switching back to RyuKoOh/KoRyuOh, the Grungust Type-3 Unit 3 is left without a pilot.

2nd SRW OG[]



In the OGIN timeline, the Unit 1 first encountered the Choukijins at the city of Winnipeg, merging with them to become RyuKoOh/KoRyuOh in order to defeat the rampaging Einst Regisseur. Meanwhile, Sanger's Unit 2 was painted in an exclusive black color, and was first seen tracking down and joining on the assault on Shadow-Mirror's Trilobite flagship following Operation Plantagenet.

Armaments & Attacks[]

  • APTGM Launcher (APTGMランチャー)

Short for Anti-Personal Trooper Guided Missile Launcher. Anti-PT homing missile launchers stored within the yellow side panels on the Type-3's legs. Added from 2nd OG onwards.

  • Eye Solid Laser (アイソリッド・レーザー)

Laser beams fired from the Type-3's eyes.

  • Boost Knuckle (ブーストナックル)

Common weapon of the Grungust Series. The Type-3 is capable of launching its booster-propelled forearms at the enemy, however the weapon is mainly used in tandem with the Booster Drills for the more powerful Drill Boost Knuckle attack.

  • Booster Drill (ブースタードリル)

A pair of gigantic drills mounted on the Type-3's back. When used, they are worn over the forearms and utilized in either the Drill Boost Knuckle or Drill Attacker moves. When the Type-3 is separated, the Drills go to the G-Bison.

  • Drill Boost Knuckle (ドリル・ブーストナックル)

The Type-3 equips the Booster Drills on its Boost Knuckles before launching the forearms at the opponent.

  • Omega Blaster (オメガ・ブラスター)

The triple blue emitters on the Type-3's chest converge to unleash an immense energy blast at the enemy.

  • G-Combination (Gコンビネーション)

The Type-3 separates into the G-Raptor and G-Bison before commencing a coordinated assault. The G-Raptor launches its Split Missiles before following up with the Omega Beam. The G-Bison unleashes the Drill Boost Knuckle. After their respective attacks have hit the enemy, both G machines recombine into the Type-3, as the mecha finishes the opponent with Drill Attacker.

  • Drill Attacker (ドリル・アタッカー)
The Type-3 wears the Booster Drills over its forearms and directly strikes the enemy with the drills. Used as the finisher move for the G-Combination maneuver.
  • Sanshiki Zankantou (参式斬艦刀 | Type-3 Ship-Cleaving Blade)

A state-of-the-art shapeshifting sword equipped on the Type-3 Unit 2, its blade made from Zol Orichalconium in liquid metal state. Through supplying energy from the mecha into the sword directly, the sword's blade is capable of morphing into different shapes for various attacks, from the initial compact Nihontou form to either a Kukri-shaped mode for throwing or a gigantic broadsword mode for dueling and ultimate attacks. When entering broadsword mode, the Sanshiki Zankantou's handle extends downwards while the hand guard splits open, as the towering blade, estimated to be nearly 100 meters in length, materializes into the air. The Kukri form is never seen used by the Type-3. The Zankantou is later inherited by DyGenGuar.

  • Zankantou - Ichimonji-Giri (斬艦刀・一文字斬り | Ship-Cleaving Blade - One-Character Slash)
Deploying the Sanshiki Zankantou in its broadsword mode, the Type-3 horizontally slashes the opponent in half. "One-Character Slash" refers to how the attack slices the target in a horizontal line, similar to the kanji (One). Serves as the Type-3 Unit 2's ultimate attack in Alpha 2.
  • Zankantou - Shippuu Dotou (斬艦刀・疾風怒濤 | Ship-Cleaving Blade - Gale and Surging Waves)
Deploying the Sanshiki Zankantou in its broadsword mode, the Type-3 vertically cuts the opponent down in half. Serves as the Type-3 Unit 2's ultimate attack in OG.
  • Sanshiki Zankantou - Gakai - Issen (参式斬艦刀・牙壊・一閃 | Type-3 Ship-Cleaving Blade - Fang Break - Flash)
Wielding the Sanshiki Zankantou in its Katana mode, the Type-3 swiftly strikes down multiple targets in succession. Seen in Record of ATX, where the attack destroyed 4 R-Eins at once.
  • Sanshiki Shishioutou (参式獅子王刀 | Type-3 Lion King Blade)

An enlarged version of the PT-sized Shishiou Blade which serves as the Type-3 Unit 3's primary weapon. The default attacking Motion Pattern for the sword in OGs/OGG consists of the Type-3 rapidly cutting down on the target with the Shishioutou. When not in use, the sword is stored within an exclusive scabbard.  

  • Sanshiki Shishioutou - Saiha (参式獅子王刀・歳破 | Type-3 Lion King Blade - Yearly Breaking)
Wielding the Shishioutou, the Type-3 dashes forwards and diagonally slashes the target in half. Finisher from 2nd OG onwards.
"Saiha" (Yearly Breaking) refers to the opposite direction from a person's Zodiac sign of a certain year in Kyuusei Kigaku (a form of fortune telling based on astrology), if said direction happens to be a bad direction in that year. It signifies the "breaking" of close bonds and hope.


Video Games[]



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