Gilliam Yeager
Hero Senki character
Voiced by Hideyuki Tanaka (Japanese)
Aliases Apollon,
Helios Olympus
Gender Male
Species Human
Military History
Affiliation Londo Bell (4, F, F Final),
Shadow-Mirror (Before OG1/OGs),
Aggressors (Before OG1/OGs),
Earth Federation Army (OG1/OG2/OGs/OGG)
Rank Major
Units Piloted Gespenst Type-R (Hero Senki,OG1/OG2/OGs),
XN Geist (Hero Senki),
Gespenst MK II Type-R (OG1/OGs),
Gespenst Type-RV (OGs, OGG, 2ndOG, OGTMD)

Gilliam Yeager (ギリアム・イェーガー Giriamu Jēgā?, sometimes romanized as Guiliam Jaeger) is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. It should be noted that, unlike other characters appearing in different games, the Gilliam that appears in each game setting is the same person. In canon, he pilots the Gespenst Type-RV.


Gilliam has appeared in the following games:

Theme MusicEdit

  • Time To Come - Default theme in all appearances before OG Gaiden.
  • Hero Senki - Used when piloting the Gespenst Type-RV in Original Generations, default theme since OG Gaiden.

Personality And TraitsEdit

Gilliam Yeager is a quiet and serious individual, rarely engaging in small talk, indicating that when he does have something to say, it is of great importance. However he actually can be very short tempered and there are few moments when Gilliam actually lost himself and charged at the enemies without giving second thoughts, though he usually tries to hide his emotions from the others. In addition, he rarely speaks much when it comes to his own identity, though it is known that Gilliam is not from the Original Generation universe. He actually has power to see the future, which is far stronger than Shine Hausen's precognitive abilities; he could even see the coming apocalypse of the world he was living in. However, Gilliam forbids himself from ever using it.


Gilliam Yeager was originally a mysterious young man who lost his memories and found lying on the training area of a military base. He then joined the special Alpha Force, who took care of the unconscious Gilliam.

In the beginning of the Hero Senki storyline, he was assigned to the ZEUS Taskforce, an organization created to fight terrorist groups forming on Planet Elpis. He would utilize a Gespenst, in the form of a battle armor with his allies. However, he regained his memories, after saving a young girl who holds her teddy bear from a collapsing building. He found his lost abilities and memories, and became their own foe at the helm of the XN Geist, an evolving machine formed from the Gespenst itself. He started to activate the system Apollon, and wore a mask to hide himself from his former comrades, and started to take over Elpis by unleashing his ultimate plan called Project Olympus, the building of a utopia, after taking over the planet by force. He took refugee on the dimensional fortress Helios and was eventually defeated by his former comrades. Gilliam would be banished to a different dimension.

Gilliam always questioned the abnormality that warps the world he is in, such as the mobile suits from the Gundam series, the ailens from the Ultraman series, and the mutant cyborgs from the Kamen Rider series, and how they can co-exist (though this question can be applied to the entire Super Robot Wars series, as a whole). He refers to Elpis as an experimental flask, intentionally created by someone, and there was a high probability that Gilliam almost figured out the truth. He continues stating that the experiment has failed and therefore his ability to see into the future only showed him the destruction of Elpis, which was why he gathered various enemy factions and dominant the planet, so he can build the world that will have enough power to resist such an end. It was clear that Gilliam did not have any intent to do evil; he was only trying to save the world he loved so much, by carrying all the sins and guilt alone. Before he leaves, he bids his comrades farewell and thanks them for changing a future that he could not provide.

While his appearances is recorded in various Super Robot Wars titles, including Battle Dodge Balls series, it is possible he had visited many more universes than the ones currently known.

Using the fake name of Helios Olympus, which were the names of his fortress and project, he stops on an Earth very similar to the one from which he came, where the elite Shadow-Mirror faction is a part of the planet's Earth Federation Army. Working alongside the Tesla Leicht Institute, he creates a working pair of dimensional warp devices: Lykeios and Aguieus. Both devices require him as a core unit to function properly, becoming an effective preventative measure to keep the System XN from being excessively abused -- a justifiable fear. The leader of the Shadow-Mirror, Vindel Mauser, intended to use both Lykeios and Aguieus (the latter of which being a component of his personal machine, the Zweizergain, as the cornerstone of his plans to sow the seeds of war across countless dimensions and create his new world order of endless conflict.

Once done with both warp units, Gilliam tested the Aguieus device, in an attempt to return to his original homeworld. He failed and ended up in the Original Generation universe. Using the name Gilliam Yeager once more, he assists the Earth Federation Army and becomes a member of the elite Aggressors unit, fighting alongside the likes of  Ingram Plisken, Sanger ZonvoltElzam von Branstein and Kai Kitamura, before the unit disbanded. He assists the Hiryu Custom and the ATX Team in the battle with both the Divine Crusaders and Aerogaters During the battle with Aerogaters their leader Levi criticised Gilliam was hiding his ability to see future; being the only one from the Shadow Mirror's homeworld, he is also the only one to recognize the presence of the White Wraith during Operation SRW -- the machine later identified as Shadow-Mirror officer, Axel Almer's Soulgain.

Gilliam is constantly cautious of the very distinct possibility that Vindel and the Shadow-Mirror will come to this world in search of him. Even as the Inspectors (whom Gilliam initially mistook for the Guests) invade Earth, Gilliam is on the run from Vindel and the Shadow-Mirror, as they make themselves known on Earth, having arrived via the other warp unit, Lykeios.

During the Shadow-Mirror's last stand in the White Star, Gilliam is forced to battle Vindel head-on to the death with the rest of his comrades. In a desperation maneuver, Gilliam interfaces with Aguieus, as Vindel is on the verge of defeat, sending his enemy to his demise while inadvertently transporting himself, his allies, the Hiryu Custom, and the Kurogane to another dimension, that of the mysterious Einst. After defeating their master, the Stern Regisseur, Gilliam uses the System XN once more to return everyone to their home universe, with the final code being ZEUS, showing that Gilliam still holds a great attachment to Elpis. The system would be destroyed after the warp, ensuring that nobody may abuse its power, but at the cost of his last hope of ever returning to his original home. Undeterred, Gilliam accepts the world where which he is as his new home, and continues to assist the Earth Federation, knowing that there is a distinct possibility that further ghosts even enemies from his past, may come back to haunt him.

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