GaoGaiGar (first version)

This article is about the robot. For the series, see The King of Braves GaoGaiGar.

GaoGaiGar (ガオガイガー Gaogaigā?) is a fictional robot of the 1997 series The King of Braves GaoGaiGar. It apeared as a playable unit in 2nd Super Robot Wars Alpha, 3rd Super Robot Wars Alpha, and Super Robot Wars W.


GaoGaiGar is a powerful super mechanoid composed by GaiGar (Galeon fused with Shishio Guy) and the GaoMachines (DrillGao I, LinerGao I and StealthGao I). Gaogaigar resembles a lot to other robots in brave series such as Might Gaine, has a lion head (Galeon´s head) in his chest and a shining green gem (G-stone) in the helmet (seems a samurai kabuto). Near the midlle part of the series the StealthGao I is upgraded to StealthGao II, after this evente Gaogaigar is refeared to as Star Gaogaigar.

Technical and HistoricalEdit

Final Fusion

Final Fusion

In the 1997 series, GaoGaiGar its a super mechanoid created by fusing Shishio Guy, Galeon and the GaoMachines. Shishio Guy was a young astronaut when by a accident caused by the Z-01, after that Shishio Leo (his father) remodeled him with the super tecnology of the G-Stone turning Shishio Guy into the world strongest cyborg. Galeon, also known by the Amami family as "the North Pole Lion" was the one who brougt the G-Stones, the GS-Ride tecnology and the son of Cain: Latio (Mamoru Amami). The GaoMachines are human created modules based on the GS-Ride tecnology (limited by humans material as the Genesic GaoMachines apear to be much stronger, seen in GaoGaiGar FINAL). The three GaoMachines are: DrillGao I (two driled vehicle), LinerGao I(Shinkansen like train) and StealthGao I (Stealth bomber). GaiGar fuses with the GaoMachines by the comand FINAL FUSION (that has to be aproved by the head of the GGG Taiga Kotaro, creating the epic catchfrase of the series). Later on they use StealthGao II equiped with UL-engine to travel in the space changing the name to StarGaogaigar.

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