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The Gan Eden are fictional robots from the Super Robot Wars series, Nashim Gan Eden serves as the final boss of 2nd Super Robot Wars Alpha and 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation's Normal route and is a playable mecha in 3rd Super Robot Wars Alpha while Gebel Gan Eden is an enemy mecha in 3rd Super Robot Wars Alpha and makes a cameo in 2nd Super Robot Wars OG as part of Adamatron's Elyon Yeda Doma attack.


The 2 known Gan Eden units differ in angelic appearance, the Nashim based on the female form wearing long flowing robes that connect to 6 massive wings, above the Nashim's head is a massive halo like object, the Gebel is largely similar but is male in appearance.

Technical And Historical[]

The Gan Edens are 2 of an unknown number developed by the Ancestor races, Nashim and Gebel serve as defense systems for Earth and Balmar respectively, and are worshipped as gods, They are powered by the Spiritual psyches of the first Psychodrivers, Nashim and Gebel. In order for the Gan Eden System to be active, a "Masyaf" is required to link with the psyche of the system, but should the Masyaf reject the ideals of psyche then the Gan Eden itself will attempt to forcibly take control.

Normally the Gan Eden relies on it's Custos to follow its bidding, but should they be defeated then the Gan Eden itself will appear to squash those that oppose it.

In the Alpha Series, The Gan Eden is piloted by Irui Gan Eden, first appears before the Alpha Numbers after the groups attempt to stop Axis from falling to Earth offering salvation in the form of cutting off the Earth from outside threats, rejecting the offer and face off against Gan Eden to prevent this from happening, depending on the route and choices made Irui will either die or be saved.

During the event of Alpha 3 the Alpha Numbers would go up against the Gebel Gan Eden after they head to Balmar, in a hard fought battle they defeat its Maysif, Ruach Gan Eden and make their way into the temple, however Shiva Gozzo kills Ruach and uses Irui to control Gebel Guneden, despite every advantage he still falls to the power of the Alpha Numbers and the Gebel Gan Eden is destroyed, this action has unforeseen consequences as the destruction of the machine shut down the Neviim defense grid causing Balmar to be destroyed by a cataclysmic meteor shower.

During the final battle with Keisar Ephes the Nashim Gan Eden would reappear to help the Alpha Numbers.

During the OG Timeline Nashim Gan Eden would once again appear before the protagonists offering the right to become her swords, however Irui's voice makes itself heard despite Guneden's attempts to silence it, making its own voice heard it proclaims that it will seal Earth no matter what in order to protect it, it then separates with Irui so it can erase her, after a hard fought battle the Steel Dragons manage to defeat Gan Eden, before they can pull Irui out she warns them it she leaves Gan Eden it's Psyche will gush out and bring destruction upon Earth and beyond, She resolves to stay behind and seal off Gan Eden's mind and sleep along with it, but before that can happen the Air Christmas shows up along with AI1 and Galilnagant, after damaging the ship Altur Steinbeck has AI1 begin absorbing Gan Eden and with the Mantra or Tetraktys Grammaton, fuses Ing, AI1 and Gan Eden into Adamatron, Nashim Gan Eden would finally be destroyed when Adamatron is defeated.


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