The Galilnagant (ガリルナガン) also know as Code Evil is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Taisen series. It appears as an enemy mecha in 2nd Super Robot Taisen Original Generation and a playable mecha in Masou Kishin F: Coffin of the End & Super Robot Taisen OG The Moon Dwellers.


The Galilnagant shares several similarities with the Huckebein series machines with several differences, the shoulder plates are more rounded and blade like, the machines wrists have a claw like design, and the tops of the units feet have blade like fins on them, the wings are designed similar to the Astranagant, the machine also has red lines all over its frame, the machines Bustaxe Gun is designed like a rifle with a spiked hand guard, near the end there is an Axe blade and at the end there is a spiked cover with a hole in the center.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

The Galilnagant or "Code Evil" was advertised as a Hi-Personal Trooper but is in actuality a Balmarian machine piloted by the Balshem clone Amara Burton. The machine is equipped with a Tri Slasher remote weapon that is stored on the wings. It also carries the unique Bustaxe Gun a large rifle which can be used in a variety of situations due to the Axe on the barrel, and the Bustaxe Gun can also be use in conjunction with the machines Tronium Lev power source to unleash the devastating Axion Asher, an attack similar to the R-Gun Rivele's Axion Buster. In the Galilnagant's first appearance it would destroy the 3 Huckebein MKIIs then steal the Blackhole Engine from the Huckebein 008 and the Tronium Engine from the Huckebein MKIII before destroying them. It also appeared when when during the battle with Duvan Org at Tesla Litch labs to attack Ing Egret. The machine was also present when the Guest forces and the Gaia Saviors met with Shu Shirakawa in space.

While Amara would pilot this machine in various battle against the Kouryu Sentai, it was supposedly destroyed when Euzeth Gozzo betray Amara in the end. It was later revealed in the Masou Kishin F: Coffin of The End that Amara and Galilnagant were absorbed and dragged into the Cross Gate vortex which the Gate actually connected to The World of La Gias. As both of them arrive, they fell from the Gate in the sky of La Gias, and eventually Shu Shirakawa manage to rescue them during the Invasion of Maguki. After rescuing Amara, Shu was able to repair some of the damages of Galilnagant except the Tronium Engine. As soon as Amara regain consciousness, she only knew her identity and her mecha. Eventually Shu knew that she had amnesia and decided to keep her past memories in secret. Moreover, Shu offered her to serve him as his servant and accompany him in the journey which Amara agrees.

In the Journey, many members including Masaki were questioning Shu about Amara. However, Shu only answered that he rescued her because of sympathy and kindness. Additionally, he also said that Amara have been gone through a similar situation that he had in the past and he does not want to let her suffer anymore. As the journey continue, Amara encountered many enemies who are connected to the Astral World and The Cross Gate which have already been in existence a long time in the world of La Gias. One of the enemy, Yotenai who comes from the Astral world sense Amara and told to her that she had carried the Blood and Destiny of Time Divers (meaning the blood of Ingram). Since Amara is a unique being, Yotenai attempted to manipulate her with her power for the intentions of use her as an underling, but Amara refuse and asking for Shu to help her against Yotenai. She even promised that she would do anything for Shu which Shu will eventually accepted her by lending a hand.



Height: 22.0m

Weight: 80.3t

Main Power Source: Tronium Lev

Pilot: Amara Burton

Weapon Systems:

  • Tri Slasher:
    Galilnagant channels energy into its wings and detaches the top parts of its wings, which then combine into 3 Blade slasher units that slash the target from both sides.
  • Bustaxe Masher:
    Galilnatant jabs the target with the front of the Bustaxe Gun and the fires a quick blast at it.
  • Bustaxe Gun:
    Galilnatant charges up and fires a massive burst of red and black energy from the Bustaxe Gun that hits multiple targets.
  • Bustaxe Sequence:
    Galilnagant drags the end of the Bustaxe Gun across the "ground" then rockets forward and rams the target with the barrel of the weapon, it then fires a point blank shot blowing the target back, then flying at high speed comes from behind and strikes with the small blade on the back of the weapon, then after throwing the target off makes one last high speed slash with the main blade cleaving the target in half, the enemy machines oil dripping off the blade like blood.
  • Axion Asher:
    The Galilnagant raises the Bustaxe Gun over its head levitates it away in green energy , then it flies upwards slowly and the body red frame begin to glow as Amara turns the Tronium Lev at Maximum Full Drive, then she release the Grammatron energy forming an Axion circle, Galilnagant then forms 2 red Grammaton energy sphere in its hands and fuse them at the circle to completing it, then Bustaxe Gun is inserted into the Axion , the Galilnagant then grabs it and begins charging a massive amount of energy which is then discharged in multiple beams of red and black energy that hits the targets and then engulfes them in an enclosed space with the Axion circle beneath them, Dimension Black orbs appear from the circle and sabotage the targets repeatedly which resulting the enemy were trapped inside, while outside the Dimension black orbs are seen being sealed with red energy, Galilnagant then pulls the Bustaxe Gun out of the circle and then slices the circle in half which then causes the Dimension black orbs to slice in half as well which causes them to all explode at once, while watching the explosions the Galilnagant system were return to normal. This attack does not appear in Masou Kishin F due to the damage to the Tronium Lev and loss of Amara's memory.

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