The Exbein is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series. Its first appearance was in Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Inspector, in which it replaces the RTX-011L Huckebein MK-III from the games. Exbein appears in videogames since OG II.


The Exbein is part of the Huckebein series of Real Robots, and as such bears a strong resemblance to a Gundam. However unlike the Huckebeins, it lacks the distinctive gold "V-Fin" antenna, and a visor covers the upper part of its face. Its head is otherwise identical to that of the Huckebein MK-III. The Composite ver.Ka figure and lineart reveal that it has a flight pack as well as additional armament not yet seen in the series, most of which is carried over from the Huckebein MK-II and MK-III.

Technical and HistoricalEdit

In its debut episode, it equips the Armored Module (AM) Boxer Frame powered armor (Its model number when equipped with the Boxer is PTX-EXAMB), and also shows itself to be compatible with the AM Gunner support craft - both equipment developed in the game for the Huckebein MK-III. Photos of the Exbein's Composite ver. Ka figure reveal that it also can equip the Graviton Rifle and Fang Slasher. Also included are the MK-II's Chakram Shooter, a pair of beam sabers, and a handheld weapon that appears to be a Photon Rifle similar to that of the PTX-011 Wildschwein. The Exbein is built from the RTX-009 Huckebein 009, and developed between the Huckebein MK-II and MK-III as a testbed frame for the AM Boxer and AM Gunner units. It is equipped with a Tesla Drive and the T-Link System. Its development code name was "Huckebein EX" and presumably, the name was changed to "Exbein" for the series in order to differentiate it from the games RTX-008L-EX Huckebein EX.

Anime originEdit

The Exbein was first referred to by Ryoto Hikawa, when during a conversation with Ryusei Date he mentioned that the "MK-III" (presumably the Huckebein MK-III, which had appeared as schematics on Ryoto's computer screen in episode 26 of Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars) had been cancelled in order to focus on completing the development of the "EX".

The Exbein (or "EX") was then seen in episode 8 of Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Inspector when the Inspectors, led by Mekibos, attacked Mao Industries' facility on the moon, as in Original Generation 2, and piloted by Ryoto. There are differences in the scenario however: whereas the game deploys the Huckebein MK-III on its own, the Exbein first deployed equipped with the AM Boxer powered armor unit equipped. Like the Huckebein MK-III in the game, it then docked with the AM Gunner support craft and fired its Full Impact Cannon. The Exbein, however, did so without first purging the Boxer frame, so it was docked with the Boxer and Gunner equipments simultaneously, something the Huckebein MK-III has never done.

Its subsequent deployments on Earth saw it launching equipped with its default backpack, which it lacked in its first sortie, and armed with a Photon Rifle-like handheld weapon. It also launched on one occasion using only the Gunner Frame.

Game originEdit

Created as part of Mao Industries PT Development Plan, the Huckebein 009 using the test data from the MK-II as well as fitting it with a Tesla Drive and T-Link System, during development it was given the code name "Huckebein EX" and was used to test the AM Boxer and AM Gunner Modules for the MK-III, it was damaged however and later given the codename "Ashe", following the Sealing War 2 more Exbein are developed, these units were fitted with both a normal T-Link System and an APT-Link System which would allow people without the TK Pulse Alpha to deploy a pseudo TK Field to allow weapons like the Exbein Boxer's G Sword Diver or the Exbein Gunner's G Impact Zapper to be used. However due to the lack of a Tronium Engine both Exbein units output is inferior to the Huckebein MK-III with either the AM Boxer or Am Gunner Modules.

Specifications Edit

Exbein Edit

Being loosely based on the Huckebein series, it has many similar weapons and attacks.

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Pilot: Ryoto Hikawa, Rio Mei Long(Moon Dwellers)

Weapon Systems:

  • Beam Sword x2
    A pair of standard handheld beam swords
  • Fang Slasher
    A large, shuriken-like weapon that is thrown at the opponent, which it strikes multiple times. Equipped to the Huckebein MK-III in the games.
  • Chakram Shooter
    A wired beam chakram, similar to the R-2's, is fired from a fixed launcher at the opponent. Equipped to the Huckebein MK-II in the games.
  • Handheld Rifle
    A handheld rifle similar to the Photon Rifle of the PTX-011 Wildschwein
  • Graviton Rifle
    A powerful arm-mounted rifle. Equipped to the Huckebein MK-III in the games.
  • Vulcan
    A pair of small-bore, shell-firing machine-guns mounted in the Exbein's head

Combat Maneuvers:

  • Geist Knuckle
    The Exbein charges its fist with energy and punches its target. This attack is similar to the R-1's "T-Link Knuckle". So far, it has been used only while equipped with the Boxer Frame.
  • Catapult Kick
    The Exbein leaps high into the air and comes down in a powerful kick, with enough force to destroy several opponents. So far, it has been used only while equipped with the Boxer Frame.
  • Full Impact Cannon
    The Exbein docks with the AM Gunner module and fires a high-powered charged shot from its four Impact Cannons. Though not designed to do so, it is able to dock with the AM Gunner while still equipped with the AM Boxer.
  • G Impact Zapper
    Similar to the Full Impact Cannon the Exbein fires all 4 G Impact Cannons simultaneously crushing the target within the resulting gravity anomaly before it explodes, it's noted that it lacks the same power of the Full Impact Cannon due to the lack of the Tronium Engine from the Huckebein MK-III.

Exbein "Ashe"Edit

Originally the "Exbein" that was used as a test unit for Mk-III's AM modules, it was later heavily damaged and re-codenamed "Ash", and then patched up with spare parts from the destroyed Huckebein units. It is also equipped with a T-LINK System, but ever since Egret Ing made contact, the system showed strange responses and has become unusable by anyone other than him. It's equipped with a Graviton Rifle and the Strike Shield, which houses the Strike Saber. The Ashe is heavily damaged by Amara's Galilnagant, but by using the MK-X parts Ing Egret upgrades it into the EX Exbein.

Height: 19.8 meters

Weight: 60.4 tons

Pilot: Ing Egret

Weapon Systems:

  • Vulcan Cannon
    The Ashe fires it's head-mounted vulcans.
  • Roche Saber (Equippable)
    The Ashe delivers two slashes to it's opponent using it's Roche Saber.
  • Photon Rifle S (Equippable)
    The Ashe fires a single shot from the Photon Rifle S.
  • Graviton Rifle:
    The Ashe flies towards the enemy drawing its Graviton Rifle, firing off a bolt of gravity energy.  Taken from the Huckebein Mark III, it is equally powerful in the Ashe's hands despite its lack of a Tronium Engine.  The bolt is large enough to strike multiple enemies and even two adjacent squads simultaneously.
  • T-LINK Saber
    The Ashe flies towards the enemy firing a few rounds from its Photon Rifle S before drawing the T-LINK Saber from the Strike Shield. It then delivers a series of horizontal slashes at the enemy from all angles before drawing away, and performs Full Contact to charge the Saber with energy from the T-LINK System.  Closing in on the enemy from behind, the Ashe delivers a single slash before coming to a landing with the blade held behind its back.  With a Dynamic Kill the Ashe sheathes the Saber within the Strike Shield once more as it watches the enemy explode. This attack takes cues from the SRX's Z.O. Sword and the Vaisaga's Ougi: Koujinsen.

EX ExbeinEdit

The upgraded form of the Ashe and the true, final form of the Exbein. The ultimate unit of the Huckebein Series, it uses the 008L's Black Hole Engine, the Mk-II's Gravicon System and the Mk-III's Tronium Engine together, creating vast amounts of power without any abnormal instability. It is also equipped with a T-LINK System and Uranus System which responds better to Ing's commands. It can also fly using its Tesla Drive installed. The EX Exbein is equipped with the Graviton Rifle, Strike Shield and Strike Saber, like the Ashe, but is also equipped with remote-guided weaponry called Sliders which can be controlled using Ing's Psychodriver abilities. The Sliders are equipped with a beam gun and a bladed edge so that each can work as both long and short ranged weaponry. The EX Exbein can also use an improved form of the 008L's Black Hole Cannon called the Black Hole Buster Cannon, which uses TK to contain the blast and stabilize the weapon. In terms of power, the EX Exbein exceeds all Huckebeins. In essence it can be considered the Huckebein Mk-IV.

Height: 19.2 meters

Weight: 68.1 tonnes

Pilot: Ing Egret

Weapon Systems:

  • Graviton Riffle
    The EX Exbein flies forward and draws its Graviton Rifle, firing off a bolt of gravity energy.  Taken from the Huckebein Mark III, it is equally powerful in the EX Exbein's hands.  
  • 'T-LINK Slider
    The EX Exbein flies upward and deploys six of its Slider from its shoulders.  The blades assault the enemy from all directions before three of them pin the opponent down while the other three fly upward and arrange into a triangle pattern, firing beams straight down onto the pinned target.  The Sliders in this arrangement bear a resemblance to the Bergelmir's Six Plagues weapon in both shape and function.
  • T-LINK Saber
    The EX Exbein flies upward and deploys two of its Slider from its forearms.  The blades fly forward with the Exbein in pursuit, deploying the Strike Shield from its back and connecting the shield to its left forearm.  The Exbein draws the Strike Saber from within the shield and performs Full Contact to charge it with energy from the T-Link System.  An assault from the Slider drives the enemy towards the charging Exbein, which performs a thrusting attack that leaves the sword buried in the opponent as it flies past.  Coming to a landing well behind the opponent, the Exbein clenches its fist and allows the stored energy to explode within the target, the Slider and Strike Saber flying out of the explosion and into the Exbein's waiting hand.  The weapon takes cues from both the Huckebein Mark III's G-Sword Driver .
  • T-LINK Revoluter
    The EX Exbein flies upward and deploys all eighteen of its Sliders, which open their baldes.  Nine of the Sliders fly forward and slam into the targets, knocking them into the air, while the other nine take up a circular arrangement around the targets while firing their beams inward, a pattern dubbed Rolling Formation.  The other nine Sliders form a larger circle around the first and join the attack, all eighteen rotating in sync to assault the enemy from all sides and finishing with a larger burst.  The EX Exbein turns its back to the resulting explosion and strikes a pose as all of the Sliders reconnect at once.
  • Black Hole Buster Cannon (Code: BBC)
    The EX Exbein flies upward and deploys eight of its Slayers from its legs and forearms, which open from their magatama-like configuration into one more like the Fang Slasher used by the Huckebein Mark III.  Rather than directly attack the target, the Slayers, charged with T-Link energy, begin to circle the target and encase it within a binding sphere of telekinetic energy, dubbed Saturn Formation.  The Exbein telekinetically draws the Black Hole Buster Cannon to its hands, charging the weapon and firing off a superdense shot that enters the TK sphere.  The combined energies result in a multitude of graviton explosions that compress into a single contraction and final explosion.  The Exbein watches the destruction from near the explosion's edge.

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  • The EX Exbein is the first playable mecha to use the TK Field S. Until 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation only enemy mecha such as Juddecca and Keisar Ephes would have this barrier.
  • Fans speculate that the creation of Exbein was under pressure from Sunrise, as Huckebein design resembled Gundam and could take popularity with animated adaptations. Although there is evidence to support these theories Bandai Namco hasn't ruled on the matter. To further the argument Exbein "Ashe" almost resemble Exia repair from Gundam 00
  • Since Super Robot Wars Original Generation Infinte Battle there's a second Exbein unit which has a red/pink color scheme and is piloted by Rio Mei Long.
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