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The primary antagonist of the video games Super Hero Sakusen, Super Robot Wars Alpha and 2nd Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation. In all incarnations, he is the creator and genetic basis for Ingram Prisken, and Viletta Vadim's.


Super Hero Operations

While better known for his appearance as the final boss of Super Robot Wars Alpha, and brief appearances in Super Robot Wars Original Generations and Super Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars, Euzeth's original incarnation was as an Earthling scientist willing to go to any lengths to save the Earth from humanity's environmentally destructive tendencies in Super Hero Sakusen (which also featured the first appearances of Ingram Prisken and Viletta Vadim as the two possible player characters, and R-Gun.) In Super Hero Sakusen, Euzeth uses data collected on the various technologies present in the game (Kamen Rider, Ultraman, G-Gundam, among others) to produce the Chojin Zest, an Ultraman-like mecha which serves as the game's final boss. It is ultimately defeated by SRX's first ever use of the HTB Cannon.

Super Robot Wars Alpha


Super Robot Taisen α - Final Fight Part 2

Londo Bell vs. Euzeth

Euzeth appears again in Super Robot Wars Alpha, as the Balmarian second-in-command of Laodicea Judecca Gozzo's fleet. The creator of the Crossgate Paradigm System, the mobile weapons Antenora and Judecca. In the final battle it is revealed that, in fact, the original Laodicea was killed in battle against the Zentradi, and the Laodicea defeated by the Londo Bell forces was one of many clones under the control of Euzeth, who enters the battle in a unique black Judecca equipped with the Crossgate Paradigm System (AGX-018 "Black Deathcross") an entourage of several Zfyluds, each piloted by another Laodicea clone, and Ingram in the Astranagant. Euzeth reveals that his ultimate plan was not, as expected, the invasion and subjugation of Earth, but to bring about the destruction of the Balmar homeworld itself, a plan that would come to fruition in 3rd Super Robot Wars Alpha .

2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation


Super robot wars original generations 2 - hard(final) boss

Euzeth's strongest attack in SRW 2nd OGs

Euzeth appears as the true final boss in this game. Like Super Robot Sakusen, Euzeth uses data collected on the various technologies present in the game (Nashim Guneden, AI-1, and the power from the Crossgate) to produce the Adamatron, a mecha that combines all of them in it. Like Alpha 1, Euzeth happens to be the man behind every plot since the first OG game. When Euzeth uses his strongest attack Elyon Yeda Doma, the Black Judecca, Astranagant, Dis Astranagant and both Gan Eden (The Nashim and Geber Gan Eden) make appearances during the attack.

As Euzeth reveals, he remembers the events of Super Hero Sakusen, Super Robot Wars Alpha and Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars.