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Endless Frontier EXCEED: Super Robot Wars OG Saga (無限のフロンティアEXCEED スーパーロボット大戦OGサーガ Mugen no Furontia EXCEED Sūpā Robotto Taisen OG Sāga) is the sequel to Endless Frontier: Super Robot Wars OG Saga for the Nintendo DS, released in Japan on February 25. 2010. The cast from the original game returns in the sequel along with two new original characters to the series, Aledy Nashe and Neige Hausen. It also features Axel Almer and Einst Alchimie of Super Robot Wars A and Impact as playable characters, and Fighter Roar from SD The Great Battle and M.O.M.O. from the Xenosaga series as support characters.


See Endless Frontier: Super Robot Wars OG Saga for more details.

Endless Frontier EXCEED: Super Robot Wars OG Saga retains the gameplay from its prequel, being a turn-based, console-style role-playing game with random encounters, boss battles, and exploration gameplay. The objective remains the same, using the characters' fighting skills to juggle the enemy in the air as long as possible. Successive juggling increases the chances of scoring critical hits, but if the enemy touches the ground during a combo animation, they may enact a "Forced Evasion," which will cause the reminding hits to miss and do no damage at all and end that character's phase of the turn while they have a chance to counter-attack the character. Combos can be strung together with a character's fighting skills, calling in the next character in line of that turn for Chain Attacks, and/or calling in a party in reserve for Support Attacks (which costs that character's SP), or the play can end the active character's phase into the next. And characters can use seishins before attacking their enemy.

However, new things have been added to the gameplay, now players can call for two types of Support Attacks, one that still cost the character's SP and the other which will not cost anything at all but the bonus they give is different now at the end of each battle. The former will increase your F.Gauge and the latter will give money bonus. Frontier Gauge now will retain its amount unlike its prequel and players can start battles with a full F.Gauge. Another addition is that party members can now be switch during battles, but they will start with 0% F.Gauge. The original casts returns with new techniques and new lists of seishins and each of them have one new strongest attack which basically hits all enemies rather than one. Lastly, the addition of an Evasion Gauge (E.Gauge) prevents the enemies to abuse "Forced Evasion" and they only enact it once the gauge is full and now players can also enact "Forced Evasion" at the cost of 50% F.Gauge.

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