Einst Alfimi
Super Robot Wars Impact character
Voiced by Yūko Mizutani (japanese)
Gender Female
Species Einst-Human hybrid
Known relatives Excellen Browning (Origin)
Military History
Units Piloted Persönlichkeit

Einst Alfimi (アインスト・アルフィミィ Ainsuto Arufimi?) is the clone of Excellen Browning, and the only human Einst. Her first appearence was in Super Robot Wars Impact. In canon, she pilots the Persönlichkeit.


Super Robot Wars games appearances Edit

Super Robot Wars animated appearances Edit


Alchemist of Swaying Heart (揺れる心の錬金術師, Yureru Kokoro no Alchemist; localised as Alchemist's Query) - Default theme is all appearences.

Personality and traitsEdit

Alfimi is shown to be in love with Kyosuke Nanbu and feels that Excellen Browning is somewhat related with her, as she was a clone of Excellen. Her personality was about the same as Excellen, being rather playful and fun-loving. However, she's unwaveringly loyal to the Einst until Kyosuke and Excellen convinced Alfimi to help them and look towards their future. She frequently speaks in a way which makes little sense to other people and doesn't finish her thoughts.

During their final battle against the Einst, Kyosuke and Excellen managed to get Alfimi to switch sides. However, she could not survive outside her Personlichkeit after the head of the Einst was defeated and faded away along with the other Einst as she was a part of them. This prompted Excellen to change her mind in regards to having children, saying that she wanted female twins, one named Lemon and the other disclosed. Kyosuke then successfully assumed that her name would be Alfimi.

But Alfimi's spirit proved to be stronger than anyone expected. Clinging to life, she found the drifting Axel Almer and merged with his soul, until she was able to regenerate her body. As the Jetzt emerged, Alfimi recreated the Personlichkeit and rejoined the battle to put them down. After the battle with the Shura, Alfimi decided to stay with Axel. Shortly afterwards, she was attacked by a mysterious creature, and the two of them end up in the Endless Frontier, where they encountered Haken Browning and his group, more Shura, and the remnants of the Einst.

With the help of Kouta Azuma, Alfimi and Axel managed to make it back to Earth, where she was targeted by Duvan Org, who wished to assimilate Alfimi and the Personlichkeit unto the Jetzt core that powered his Alles Geist.