Dorothy Mistral
Endless Frontier character
Voiced by Natsuko Kuwatani (Japanese)
Age 100+
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Genius inventor
Military History
Rank Leader of bandits.

Dorothy Mistral (ドロシー・ミストラル?) is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars OG Saga series and a boss in Endless Frontier: Super Robot Wars OG Saga. She then returns as a boss and support character in Endless Frontier EXCEED: Super Robot Wars OG Saga.


dorothy has appeared in the following games:


"BOMBER GIRL!" - Theme song for Dorothy and Esmeralda Fortress.

History Edit

Endless Frontier Edit

A leader of bandits based in ElFtale's Esmeralda Castle. However, her main business is as an inventor, and the purpose of her banditry is to collect materials for her inventions from other worlds. Therefore, it seems that she frequently visits Los Herencia, which has many mechanical materials. She's acquainted with both Neige Hausen and Haken Browning, and despite her usually cheerful demeanor, she views her country's "10 Years War" as "The past I want to forget".


Endless Frontier/Endless Frontier EXCEEDEdit

During her fights, Dorothy attacks with bombs hidden under her dress.

Witch Bomber (ウィッチ・ボンバー?)

  • Dorothy takes out countless bombs from under her skirt.
    • Note:This attack wasn't given a proper name until EXCEED.

Poppin Typhoon (ポッピー・タイフーン?)

  • Dorothy creats a red tornado with magic.
    • Note:This attack wasn't given a proper name until EXCEED.

Return to home (リターン・トゥ・ホーム?)

  • Dorothy's Overdrive Attack. She dances while kicking out several powerful bombs, ending with a large cartoonish bomb, which explodes while she bows to her opponent.
    • Note:This is also her support attack.



  • Dorothy references the Wizard of Oz.
    • She shares her name with the main character.
    • When fighting her for the first time, she comes along with minions named "Cerebrumless", "Heartless", and "Valorless".
      • Cerebrumless is based on the Tin Man.
      • Heartless is based on the Scarecrow.
      • Valorless is based on the Cowardly Lion.
    • The road to her "Esmeralda Castle" is paved with yellow bricks
    • In the sequel, she'll occasionally call out her attack as "Return To Home!"
  • Another one of her attacks is called "Poppin Typhoon" after Mary Poppins.
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