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The Divine Crusaders, also known as DC, were founded by Bian Zoldark. He found proof that aliens are coming to Earth, so created the Divine Crusaders as a means to unify the Earth against the attack, through force. He had support from Dr. Adler Koch, and other notable individuals. They rebelled against the Earth government, which triggered a global civil war.

The Divine Crusaders's main headquarters was at Aiodenus Island, underneath the Extra-Over Technological Investigative Institute, which is also founded by Bian Zoldark. It is where Earth Federation ended the first Divine Crusader War. Bian Zoldark made his last stand at the headquarters. It officially ended when the Aerogaters arrived on Earth.

Divine Crusaders Remanants were reformed into the Neo-Divine Crusaders by Commander Van Vat Tran after the first DC war. He and the rest of the Neo-Divine Crusaders later allied themselves with the Shadow-Mirror forces.

Bian Zoldark and his supporters created the Armored Modules to be used as a new type of fighting machine to be used as the Divine Crusaders main mobile weapons. These were based on fighter jets, but with humanoid appearances so it would be a cheap, and effective mobile weapon. These mobile weapons are equipped with the Tesla Drive, created by the Tesla Leicht Institute, which allowed sustained flight. All Armored Modules are designated with the model number DCAM, which stands for Divine Crusaders Armored Module.

Notable Members

Notable Soldiers


  • Killer Whale


  • F-32 Schwert

Mobile Weapons

Other Mobile Weapons

In other Super Robot Wars games unlike the Original Generations universe, Divine Crusaders have access to other mass production mobile weapons such as Dom II, Zaku II, and Zaku.