Daitetsu Minase
水無瀬 大鉄
Super Robot Wars OG character
Voiced by Hidekatsu Shibata (Japanese)
Age 59
Gender Male
Species Human
Date of birth 120 (S.E)
Date of death 179 (S.E)
Nationality Japanese
Military History
Affiliations Earth Federation Army (OG 1/2/OGs)
Rank Battleship Captain
Units Piloted Hiryu (Battleship; Before OG1/OGs),
Hagane (Battleship; OG1/OG2/OGs)
Kurogane (Battleship; OG1/OGs)

Daitetsu Minase( 水無瀬 大鉄 in kanji) is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. In canon, he commanded the Hagane battleship until his death.


Daitetsu has appeared in the following games:

Theme MusicEdit

  • Hagane no Hakobune (The Steel Ark; Retitled Ships Full of Hope in the English-language version of OG2) - Default theme in OG 1/2
  • Hagane no Hakobune Ver. M (The Steel Ark Ver. M) - Default theme in Original Generations

Personality And TraitsEdit

At 59 years-old, Daitetsu Minase is a wise, hardened veteran within the Earth Federation Army. Having participated in various wars and campaigns, his years of experience in battle makes him highly respected among pilots and Federation officials. Daitetsu had a son, but claims he had died long before the events of Original Generation. His only remaining relative is his unnamed granddaughter. Like Excellen Browning, he too has a taste for alcohol, specifically sake, and invites pilots and officers alike to sit and enjoy it with him when off-duty. A common trait seen from Daitetsu is that he is always seen holding a smoking pipe.


Daitetsu Minase began as the captain of the Hiryu battleship, with Sean Webley as the executive officer. During an exploration mission, the crew of the Hiryu encountered Aerogater Megillots, on the outskirts of Pluto. The ship suffered heavy casualties and was badly damaged, but made it safely back to Earth. When Bian Zoldark predicted of an Aerogater invasion, the Space-Noah class battleships were built, and Daitetsu would be assigned to the first of the Space-Noah Class battleships Shirogane, callsign Platinum 1. The ship would later be destroyed in the Antarctic Incident by Shu Shirakawa and his Granzon. After recovering, he is given command over the second of the Space-Noah Class battleships Hagane, callsign Steel 2.

Daitetsu would participate over the course of Original Generation in the Divine Crusaders War and the L5 Campaign, leading the Earth Federation to victory over the Divine Crusaders and Aerogaters. He was charged with quelling the outbreaks of the DC Remnants from the DC War, during Original Generation 2, and eventually, Neo Divine Crusaders. Operation Plantagenet would be his final involvement in the military, as a surprise attack by the Shadow-Mirror, and the defection of former Earth Federation officer, Lee Linjun, ended his life from an attack by the Shirogane on the Hagane. Daitetsu's legacy would be handed down to his protege, Tetsuya.


  • In The Anime(Super Robot Wars OG: Inspectors), he did not die at the hands of Lee Linjun.
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