Masou Kishin Cybuster

Cybuster, known as Cybaster (サイバスター Saibasutā) in Japan, is one of the first Banpresto original mecha created for the Super Robot Wars series, along with the Granzon and the Valsion; its pilot, Masaki Andoh, along with the Granzon's pilot, Shu Shirakawa, and the Valsion's pilot Bian Zoldark, were the first original characters. The Cybuster made its debut in 2nd Super Robot Wars and went on to appear in the rest of the Super Robot Wars series in the DC Wars, and also appeared in Super Robot Wars Alpha, Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden, the Super Robot Wars Original Generation series and other titles. The Cybuster and the related robots in its class make use of terminology and concepts from New Age spiritualism. The name of the Cybuster comes from five words: cyber, psy, buster, bastard, and star.[1]


The Cybuster is a bird-like humanoid mecha, composed primarily of silver Orichalconium . Some parts of its body, such as the interior part of its armor and its hands, are colored violet. It has red in its crest and other parts of the body, as well as some green crystals. The Cybuster's claws are yellow and has three pairs of wings extending from its back, and a tail that becomes the head of its Cybird form. It is armed with a mecha-sized sword, called the Discutter. During the time of the possession mode, the external form of the Cybuster changes, with blue plates of armor covering his wings and other parts of his body.

Technical And Historical

The Cybuster is one of the four Masou Kishin  developed by the Langran Kingdom. Due to its blessing by the Seirei (Holy-rank spirit) of the Wind, Syphis, it was called Masoukishin of the Wind. However, Cybuster is only the codename of this unit. Like the other Masoukishin units, their true names has never been revealed in order to guard the units against magical attacks. It is one of the seventeen units of the Langran Kingdom's Masouki Project, designed by Wendy Rasm Ignart, to fight the revival of the God of Destruction, Sava Volkruss and its followers. This Masoukishin is one of the fastest units created and the only one to gain the ability to transform.

Despite having been created in another dimension, the design specifications of the Cybuster (and the other Masouki as well) were nearly identical to that of a Personal Trooper, although its power source remained a mystery to Earth Federation scientists. The machine is powered by a Fulcanelli-type eternal engine, operating off the prana, or lifeforce, of the pilot through a Prana Converter. Its armor is constructed out of Orichalconium, it was arranged in such a way that the arrangement of its particles and geometrical structure provide magical protection to the unit. Also, the Cybuster uses an Spirit Radar (a radar able of detect spirit-like beings) and an Ether Communicator, whose functions are very similar of those of a standard radars and communicators created by Earth science (in fact, the Ether Communicator is able to tune terrestrial radio frequencies without any problem).

The Cybuster is mechanically similar to the other Masouki, except for the fact that its the only known Masouki whose systems are governed by the Laplace's demon computer, a mysterious magical computer sought-after by the various factions for its ability to predict the future. Wendy states that the computer ins't based in the demon of Laplace, but in his theory. Under extreme circumstances, the Laplace demon's computer can interface with the pilot through the Spirit Dependancy Link, an event known as "full possession", "fusing" the blessing elemental and the pilot of a Masoukishin, enhancing its power at the fullest, and giving Cybuster the ability to access to the Akashic Records and gain control over the Principle of Cause and Effect.

In its second battle against the Granzon in La Gias, Syphis was able to possess the Cybuster in this manner, granting it -- and by extension, its pilot, Masaki -- nearly godlike powers, which was then used to defeat the Granzon in one blow. This, however, nearly drained Masaki completely of prana, something that would have been fatal, had Masaki possessed the prana reserve of a "normal" person and not received a first-aid prana transfer from Wendy. In Alpha and Alpha Gaiden, Syphis can perform a lesser form of possession, which grants less power but doesn't cause a near-fatal drain of prana. In Masoukishin II, Masaki is finally able to talk with Syphis, and she granted him the ability to master the possession mode, making the Cybuster one of the most powerful mecha in existence. However, the possession mode only last for a few minutes before the Cybuster returns to his normal state.

The unit is also capable of a more flight-beneficial mode, known as the Cybird, a bird-like form, enhancing its already terrifying speed of movement to make it one of the fastest mecha in existence. However, only a select few weapons are enabled when the Cybuster becomes the Cybird. The Cybird design was based on the "Deishnas", the holy bird of Langran.

While not reflected in-game (except in the Masou Kishin games), the Cybuster is equipped with the Self-Regeneration System, allowing to repair itself. It is also the only known Masōki able to travel between La Gias and the surface world on its own, without the aid of any sort of portal.

It is revealed in Masoukishin II that the Cybuster was based in the design of the mysterious Zelvoid, an ancient mass produced mecha used in the past to defeat Volkruss for first time. In fact, Cybuster resembles like a good version of Zelvoid, and some weapons of Zelvoid are very similar to the weapons of Cybuster. Its unknown what kind of relation Cybuster has with Zelvoid, however. Its creator, Wendy, don't remember how she created Cybuster, since she was possessed during that period of time by the spirit of her evil twin, Tuddy.

During one of its early appearances on Earth, the Earth Federation designated this mech as the AGX-005, because under the mistaken belief it was an Aerogater mech. This later was declared a misnomer, seeing that the Cybuster was also fighting against the Balmarian Aerogaters.

It would later appear to assist during the battle with the Inspectors, Einst and Shadow Mirrors, then later the Shura, Duminass and Dark Brain. After the defeat of Neo Granzon, Masaki would return to La Gias, but it appear again to help in the battle against the Guest, Ruina and Gaia Saviours.

After the Coffin of the End incident Cybuster would be fitted with an imitation of the Lichrol Converter installed to the Raveraid so it could still remain operational but would require consistent purification of the negative energy or risk Masaki's Prana being inverted. After the destruction of the Crossgate by Touya Shiun and the Granteed Dracodeus the Cybuster could no longer be recharged.


Height: 28.48 meters 
Body Weight: 38.4 metric tons
Gross Weight: 74.2 metric tons
Length: 35.0 meters (Cybird mode)

Armor Material: Orichalconium
Main Power Source: Fulcanelli-type eternal engine
Propulsion Engine: Ether Thruster


  • Laplace's Demon Computer (a computer able to predict the future by calculating probability. In its full power, it's able to take control of cause and effect).
  • Prana Converter (a special engine that can convert the lifeforce of the pilot into energy)
  • Self-Regeneration System (a nano-machine system that allow Cybuster to repair itself)
  • Spirit-Dependancy Link (a system that draws energy from the blessing spirit)
  • Imitation Lichrol Converter (Used as an alternate power source for Cybuster after the power of the Spirits is lost)

Pilot: Masaki Andoh

Weapon Systems (before strengthening)

  • Caloric Missile (カロリックミサイル Karorikku Misairu):
    A standard high class missile weapon of La Gias, used against most long-ranged opponents. In Alpha Gaiden, the Original Generations series and ACE:R, Caloric Missiles are energy projectiles instead of physical ones; and also, in ACE:R, Caloric Missiles are revealed to be homing missiles. This weapon can be used in Cybird mode.
  • Discutter (ディスカッター Disukattā):
    The standard sword of Langran Wind Masōkis. It is made out of refined Orichalconium alloy. Masaki uses the Cybuster's speed to strike the target with his sword for high damage. In Alpha Gaiden and 2nd Original Generation, the Cybuster summons the sword, instead of unsheathing it.
  • Familiar (ファミリア Famiria):
    A pair of remote weapons, which rush toward the target, flying around it and striking it from various angles.The Cybuster's Familiar launches energy-based projectiles. These aren't controlled by Masaki, but by his familiars, Kuro and Shiro.
  • Prana Discharge (プラーナディスチャージ Purāna Disuchāji):
    Masaki charges the Discutter's blade with prana, and then sends a powerful blade of energy to his target. 
  • Akashic Buster (アカシックバスター Akashikku Basutā):
    One of the unit's more powerful attacks, it seems more fantasy-based rather than technological. Cybuster stabs the ground with its sword, creating a hexagram and starting to gather Prana. The gathered Prana will then be channeled to the sword. In OG Saga, Cybuster summons the hexagram from his right and then hits it with his left fist, releasing the prana of the hexagram. In both cases, the Prana would then be unleashed in the form of a bird made of flames (possibly, a representation of the Deishnas bird), chasing the target and exploding on contact. This technique would destroy the helpless victim, if not seriously damaging it.
  • Cosmo Nova (コスモノヴァ Kosumo Nova):
    Cybuster's ultimate attack; Masaki concentrate the Cyflash energy around Cybuster's body, creating four glowing spheres of prana, originating from the Cybuster's arms, and they are hurled at the objective, focusing all the Cyflash destructive power in a single target. The target is engulfed and obliterated by the energy which affect the entire planets across the cosmos were destroyed completely. In the Divine Wars anime and in OGS and OG Gaiden, the Cosmo Nova is depicted as a rain of energy. Because the use of the Cyflash in this form consumes too much prana, the Cosmo Nova can be only used once (or twice, in 2nd OG), before Masaki needs to recover his energy. However, in ACE:R and Masoukishin 2, Masaki is able to shoot the Cosmo Nova when needed, without restrictions.
  • Discutter, Ranbu no Tachi (ディスカッター乱舞の太刀 Disukattā Ranbu no Tachi, lit. "Fervent Dancing Sword"):
    A powerful final attack that Masaki learns later on, after extensive training in the Dimension of the Elements and mastering it (in Alpha Gaiden, Masaki learns this technique because the alteration in the time flow). Pulling out the Cybuster's sword, Masaki would channel an immense amount of Prana into Cybuster, which would be infused with the Masō Kishin's body. The Cybuster would then charge towards the target at high speed attacking the target so viciously and rapidly with the sword that an illusion is generated so that multiple "Cybusters" appear to be striking the target from all directions, its vapor trails creating the image of a pentagram. After forming the pentagram, the Cybuster would end the attack with a swift straight slash, finally ripping the helpless target into ribbons. This attack is seen in Super Robot Wars Gaiden, Alpha, Alpha Gaiden, OG Saga ACE:R and 2nd OG.
  • Cyflash (サイフラッシュ Saifurasshu):
    Probably the most notable weapon at Masaki's disposal, it is a large, spherical burst of Prana that originates from the Cybuster's sword, destroying all units (enemies and allies) surrounding it in a large area. This version of the Cyflash is only seen in Super Robot Taisen Gaiden and OG Saga.

Weapon Systems (after strengthening)

  • Caloric Missile (カロリックミサイル Karorikku Misairu):
    An upgraded version of the standard Caloric Missiles. This weapon can be used in Cybird mode.
  • Vanity Ripper (バニティリッパー Baniti Rippā):
    An upgraded Discutter. Everything destroyed by the Vanity Ripper disintegrates into dust. In the Lord of Elemental OG Saga remake, the Vanity Ripper are two swords instead of one, and Masaki can combine both swords for a finisher from the air (very similar to the movement that Masaki uses in Alpha Gaiden when uses the Jaohm's Discutter). In Masoukishin 2, is revealed that the Discutter transforms into the Vanity Ripper when Masaki uses this attack. This attack is seen in Super Robot Wars Gaiden and Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Lord of Elemental and Revelation of Evil God as the replacement for fully upgrading Discutter and appears as a separate attack for Cybuster in Dai 2 Ji Super Robot Taisen OG.
  • High Familiar (ハイファミリア Hai Famiria):
    The upgraded version of the standard Familiars. This weapon can be used in Cybird mode. In the Alpha and OG timelines, this weapon is already upgraded when Masaki comes to the Earth chasing Shu.
  • Familiar Besiege (ファミリア・ヴィシージ Famiria vu~ishīji):
    A combination attack between the Cybuster and its High Familiars. The Cybuster transforms into the Cybird mode and releases the High Familiars. Then, the Cybird shoots Caloric Missiles at its target while the High Familiars attack the target at the same time, destroying it with a rain of energy projectiles. Only appears in Masoukishin III - Pride of Justice.
  • Prana Discharge (プラーナディスチャージ Purāna Disuchāji):
    The upgraded version of the standard Prana Discharge. Charging the Discutter's blade with prana, Masaki sends two blades of energy to his target. This attack is only seen in Masoukishin 2.
  • Akashic Buster (アカシックバスター Akashikku Basutā):
    An upgraded Akashic Buster. The Cybuster draws a hexagram in mid-air with its sword, summoning the bird of flames. Then Cybuster would rush forwards and transform in Cybird mode, merging with the flaming bird, making the flames change to a blue hue, and then crashing to its target. In the Alpha and OG timelines, this weapon is already upgraded when Masaki comes to the Earth chasing Shu.
  • Cosmo Nova (コスモノヴァ Kosumo Nova):
    A strengthened version of the Cosmo Nova, upgrading its destructive power. Because the use of the Cyflash in this form consumes too much prana, the Cosmo Nova can be only used once (or twice, in 2nd OG),  before Masaki needs recover his energy. However, in ACE:R, Masoukishin 2 and 3, Masaki is able to shoot the Cosmo Nova when needed, without restrictions.
  • Vanity Ripper, Ranbu no Tachi (バニティリッパー 乱舞の太刀 Baniti Rippā Ranbu no Tachi):
    The upgraded form of the Ranbu no Tachi. The attack is similar to the Discutter, Ranbu no Tachi. Masaki summons a pentagram, and the Cybuster rushes through it, attacking the target at high speed. However, for the finisher Masaki summons the Vanity Ripper to make the final strike. This attack is only seen in Masoukishin 2 and 3.
  • Juuhachiban Sankai Nagoya Shibaraku (十八番参会名護屋暫 Juuhachiban Sankai Nagoya Shibaraku):
    A combination attack between the Cybuster and the Valsione R. After making a kabuki performance, Masaki and Lune charges toward their target, striking it at great speed with the Vanity Ripper and the Divine Blade from all sides. Then, the Cybuster attacks from the right, the Valsione from left, cutting the target in half in a synchronized strike.
  • Cyflash (サイフラッシュ Saifurasshu):
    The upgraded version of the Cyflash. In the Classic, Alpha and OG timelines, this weapon is already upgraded when Masaki comes to the Earth chasing Shu. The fact that this weapon can be used while moving at full speed and only causes damage to enemies while leaving allies in the area of effect unharmed, and is also able to be used in Cybird mode, makes it one of the more useful MAP weapons in the SRW series.

Weapon Systems (in Possession mode)

  • High Familiar (ハイファミリア Hai Famiria):
    A stronger version of the High Familiars. Masaki summons two pentagrams and the High Familiars rushes through them, becoming blue firebirds (like the upgraded Akashic Buster), and then the two High Familiars crash to its target. This attack is only seen in Revelation Of Evil God.
  • Discutter (ディスカッター Disukattā):
    A stronger version of the Discutter attack. Masaki channels prana through the blade before striking the target, using Cybuster's speed for high damage. This attack is only seen in Masou Kishn 2 and 3.
  • Shinden - Ranbu no Tachi (真伝・乱舞の太刀 Shinden - Ranbu no Tachi):
    A stronger version of the Ranbu no Tachi. Masaki summons two pentagrams, that are drawn together, enveloping the Cybuster and infusing it with prana. Then, the Cybuster rushes towards the target, slashing it three times before it changes to its Cybird mode, then attacking the target multiples times at high speed. Then, the Cybird changes back to the Cybuster, and attacks the target with the Discutter and six blades of prana. Then, Masaki makes the final strike with a swift straight slash, finally sending its target to the ground, where it is obliterated in an explosion. This attack is only seen in Masoukishin 2 and 3.
  • Akashic Nova (アカシックノヴァ Akashikkunovu~a):
    The true power of Cybuster, the Masoukishin of Wind, Masaki releases all of Cybuster's safety locks and enters Laplace Demon Mode, after opening several ports on its arms, legs, shoulders and wings. Cybuster then forms 6 elemental circles which then combine to form a orb of pure wind prana. Taking the orb, Cybuster then releases the Cosmo Nova technique which hits the target in a spiral prana aura which starts pushing it back. Then Cybuster transforms into its Cybird mode which is usually needed to perform the Akashic Buster and rams the target along with the energy causing it to explode and transform into Akashic Nova Bird.The name Akashic Nova Is a technique combination of Akashic Buster and Cosmo Nova.


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