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This page is a listing for characters, mecha, organizations, technology, and other elements of the Super Robot Wars series and other games that were designed specifically by Banpresto, and not originating in the series' included in the games.

List of Banpresto Original Robots[]

Playable Robots[]

The 2nd Super Robot Wars[]

Super Robot Wars_EX[]

The 4th Super Robot Wars[]

Neo Super Robot Wars (Chouki Taisen SRX)[]

Super Robot Wars F Final[]

Super Robot Wars 64[]

Super Robot Wars Compact 2 Part 1: Earth Crisis[]

Super Robot Wars Alpha[]

  • R-Gun/R-Gun Powered
  • Grungust Series
    • Grungust Nishiki
    • Grungust Kai
  • Huckebein Series
    • Huckebein Mk-II
    • Huckebein Mk-III
    • Huckebein Boxer
    • Huckebein Gunner
    • Huckebein EX
  • Choukijin
    • RyuuOuKi
    • KoOuKi
    • RyuuKoOu
    • KoRyuuOu

Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden[]

  • R-1 Kai
  • Mass-Produced Gespenst Mk-II
  • Mass-Produced Huckebein Mk-II
  • Mass-Produced Grungust Nishiki
  • Thrudgelmir

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