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Brooklyn "Bullet" Luckfield is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. In Alpha canon, he pilots the Shin KoRyuOh; in Original Generation canon, he pilots the KoRyuOh.


Bullet appears in the following games:

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Theme Music

  • Vanishing Trooper - Used when piloting the Huckebein MK II in Super Hero Sakusen, Alpha 1, and Original Generations
  • Ace Attacker - Used when piloting the Huckebein MK III in Alpha 1
  • Koutetsu no Cockpit (The Steel Cockpit) - Used when piloting the Grungust Type-2 in Alpha 1
  • Ware ni Teki Nashi (None Can Oppose Me ) - Used when piloting the RyuKoOh/KoRyuOh in Alpha 1, the KoRyuOh in Alpha 2/OG 2/OGs/OG Gaiden
  • Shiroki Chihei Yori (From the White Plains) - Default theme in Alpha 3
  • Ryuko Tenshou ~ Warera ni Teki Nashi (Dragon and Tiger Soaring to the Heavens ~ None Can Oppose Us) - Used when piloting the Shin KoRyuOh

Personality And Traits

18-year old Brooklyn Luckfield, or Bullet, as most characters address him, speaks in an oddly archaic form of Japanese. He is easily flustered, especially around women, and often suffers nosebleeds (a Japanese gag implying he is aroused). This leads to teasing by teammates and other running jokes (in one incident, Remi, a pilot of the GoShogun, suggests they take a bath together. An irate Kusuha Mizuha insists on joining them and the resulting nosebleed causes Bullet to faint). He is deeply in love with Kusuha, but is unable to truly act on his feelings until Alpha 3, when she began to succumb to despair. He is very protective of her and their adopted daughter, Irui, the former priestess of Nashim Ganeden.

Bullet is a Psychodriver and one of the few pilots capable of utilizing the T-Link System installed in such units as the Gespenst MK II Type TT. This allows him to use certain weapons, such as the T-Link Ripper and other mentally-controlled weapons. His abilities are rarely used in the Original Generation story, compared to other Psychodrivers, such as Ryusei Date and Aya Kobayashi. During Original Generation 2, Bullet forms a brief rivalry with Neo Divine Crusaders', Yuuki Jaggar.


Alpha Timeline

In Alpha 2, with the RyuOhKi in Kusuha's possession, Bullet would watch over the KoOhKi. However, he would slowly be controlled by the KoOhKi, which in turn, was controlled by Irui Ganeden. Under Irui's hypnosis, Bullet would engage the Alpha Numbers in combat multiple times, before breaking free of the mind-control. With the KoOhKi, he would combine with Kusuha's RyuJinKi and reform the RyuKoOh and KoRyuOh. Siding with his allies again, he and Kusuha would defeat Irui Ganeden. However, the RyuOhKi and KoOhKi would sacrifice themselves in the final battle, in order to prevent the Earth from being sealed.

In Alpha 3, the RaiKou-Kai, developed by the Tesla Leicht Institute, would be handed down to Bullet for use, knowing the Earth would be invaded once again, just like the Aerogaters did. Sure enough, the Balmarians arrived, along with the mysterious Son Ganlong, who pilots the Shin RyuOhKi. However, Bullet's soul would be sealed within the newly formed Shin RyuKoOh, and would not reappear, until his reawakening with the Shin KoRyuOh. Bullet and Kusuha would continue fighting against Balmar and defeat Keisar Ephes, ending the war.

Original Generation Timeline

In the Original Generation universe, Bullet is already an Earth Federation Army pilot and student of the Jigen-Ryu tradition of swordsmanship, under the tutelage of Master Rishu Togo, alongside his senior, Sänger Zonvolt, to whom he shows great respect for (in the Alpha universe, Bullet does not actually meet Sanger until Alpha 3, and it is directly from Sanger that he trains to refine his skills). Bullet does not meet Kusuha until after the Divine Crusaders War, when he and the rest of the ATX Team are ordered to attack Kusuha and members of the SRX Team in a live-fire exercise. Bullet, upon discovering that a girl (Kusuha) is the pilot of the opposing Grungust Type-2, refuses to lay a hand on her. Although he is slightly reprimanded for his conduct, he is smitten with Kusuha the moment he sees her in person, but is too shy to display any romantic feelings for her.

Brooklyn Bullet Luckfield1.jpg

In Original Generation 2, the story of how he and Kusuha become the pilots of the RyuKoOh and KoRyuOh are similar to how they received the units in the Alpha universe, with some exceptions. Bullet and Kusuha piloted a Grungust Type-3, instead of a Grungust Type-2, and through the intervention of the Einst and Einst Alfimi, the RyuOhKi and KoOhKi would awaken, and select the two to become their pilots, fusing with the Grungust. Bullet and Kusuha would use the RyuKoOh and KoRyuOh for the rest of the second Divine Crusaders War, as well as against the Shadow-Mirror, Inspectors and the Einst. The events conclude with the RyuKoOh and KoRyuOh stored inside the Tesla Leicht Institute, and Bullet being given another Grungust Type-3 to use.

In Super Robot Taisen Original Generation: The Animation, Bullet would use the Grungust Type-3 given to him and rescue Kusuha and members of the Aggressors from the Bartolls.