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Bian Zoldark is a fictional enemy character in the Super Robot Wars series who was one of Earth's most brilliant scientists.


Personality And Traits[]


Classic Timeline[]


Super Robot Taisen 2 (PS) - Final Fight Part 2

Londo Bell Vs. Bian

In the Classic timeline Bian Zoldark was the head of the Divine Crusaders, creator of the Valsion and orchestrator of its world domination plans. In the non-canon Super Robot Taisen 2G game he even funded the League Militia's efforts to overthrow the DC in case DC could not cut it.

Alpha Timeline[]

Original Generation Timeline[]

Prior to Original Generation, he sent his only daughter, Lune, to live at a space outpost in Jupiter for training to become a pilot. When Meteor-3 crashed to Earth, Bian founded the Extra-Over Technological Investigative Institute, after discovering alien technology inside the meteor. Through extensive research of Meteor-3, he theorized that it was sent by extraterrestrials who had a desire to conquer and subdue humanity, and brought his results to the world government. Heeding his warning, plans to create Personal Troopers and Real Troopers were in the works, but Bian knew this was not going to be enough. As such, he would secretly create a new faction beneath the Extra-Over Technological Investigative Institute's surface, whose sole purpose was to combat the extraterrestrial threat. However, the first obstacle would be to subjugate the current Earth Federation Army, then effectively bring down the Earth government, so as to let all humanity know the seriousness of the incoming threat, thereby allowing stronger weapons to be built.

Bian would recruit many talented officers into his newly created faction, the Divine Crusaders, as well as capable soldiers to lead his forces into battle. By mass-producing the new Lion units and their successive series, his army was now well-equipped to fight the Earth Federation Army. Bian would also create the Valsion for his own use, should he ever take to the field of battle. At the same time, on request from Lune, he had the Valsione built to her specifications. After allying with Maier V. Branstein and the United Colony Corps, he was ready to initiate his plans. When fellow scientist and friend, Shu Shirakawa, attacked and destroyed the alien delegation at the Antarctic with his Granzon, Bian publicly announced the existence of his Divine Crusaders, finally declaring war on the Earth government. His forces would completely overwhelm the Federation Army and was close to achieving world domination. Unfortunately, the crew of the Hagane had fought their way through to the Extra-Over Technological Investigative Institute, where Bian was located. As such, he would sortie out in his Valsion and meet them in battle. Bian would be defeated, but not before entrusting them the duty to protect the Earth, as they proved they were strong enough to combat the incoming threat.