The Barrelion is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series. It has appeared in the Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation series as an enemy.


The Barrelion's appearance makes it look like a two-legged tank, where its most distinctive feature is the large barrel of the railgun it carries on the back of the machine. Though a wide range of colors exist, biege is its primary color, with highlights of black and gray on its joints and yellow on the ankles and the tip of the railgun. The model commanders use comes in a dark blue color, with red on the ankles and the tip of the railgun, while a custom Barrelion model is predominantly green, with the ankles and tip of the railgun colored blue.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

Using combat data retrieved from various Lions during the Divine Crusaders War, the Divine Crusaders sought to develop a new line of Armored Modules, one where it specializes in long-range bombardments and defensive capabilities. Utilizing T-Dot Array effect of the Tesla Drive, Barrelion generate an invisible extend barrel of its Big Head Railgun to increase the velocity of the projectile. The result was the DCAM-005 Barrelion and although it wasn't mass-produced to the scale that the Lion was, the Barrelion and its variations would be fully utilized by the Divine Crusaders and the United Colony Corps.

Some Barrelion units would be given the standard Tesla Drive unit, giving it sustained flight. However, its mobility is rather limited to low altitudes, due to the incredible weight of its defensive armor. As well, because it was mainly used for long-range combat, the Barrelion carries no melee weapons, thus is extremely vulnerable when fighting in close quarters (in fact, in the actual game, standard Barrelions can't attack in any way at close quaters). There are several variations: the DCAM-005V Barrelion V, the DCAM-005Y Barrelion Y and the DCAM-005C Barrelion Custom.

When the Divine Crusaders War and L5 Campaign ended, most Barrelions were either destroyed or became integrated into the Divine Crusader Remnants. The Earth Federation Army acquired a few Barrelions of its own, but saw no need to mass-produce and utilize it anymore, once Mao Industries' mass-produced Huckebein MK II M became the standard Personal Trooper for its pilots to use.  However, Barrelions still see use in the Sealing War, being employed on several occasions by the Gaia Sabers alongside the new Cylion and Masklions, giving the Barrelion the honor of having the longest period of active service of any Lion and of any machine from the DC War, surpassing the R-1 and Armorlion by a few weeks.


Barrelion SpecificationsEdit

Distributed throughout the Divine Crusaders and United Colony Corps, the DCAM-005 Barrelion's main weapon is its Big Head Railgun. Coupled along with strong, defensive armor, capable of withstanding the weaker attacks of Personal Troopers, the Barrelion is a heavy reinforcer for its frontline allies. However, researchers have found that the original model carried a blind spot, whenever the Barrelion used the Big Head Railgun. As a result, the DCAM-005Y model corrects this mistake and is given additional armor, mainly used by grunts. The DCAM-005V Barrelion V is given to commanding units with greater armor capacity, and the DCAM-005C Barrelion Custom is handed down to specific officers in the Divine Crusaders, having the strongest defensive stats out of the Barrelion series. Some Barrelion Custom units would be fitted with a twin-barreled Big Head Railgun.

Height: 23.6 meters

Weight: 40.7 tons

Weapons Systems:

  • Missile Launcher
    The Barrelion fires a salvo of missiles from its arms.
  • Beam Cannon
    Mounted on the sides of the Barrelion, these beam cannons serve as an alternative to ranged combat, if the Big Head Railgun is unusable.
  • Big Head Railgun
    Setting the weapon into place, the Big Head Railgun fires a huge, bombarding slug that can reach long distances. The ammo for this weapon is not unlike the one used by the Lion units, but is greater in size and damage capability.
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