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Banpresto Original (バンプレストオリジナル) is a blanket term for the many characters and machines created by the Japanese gaming company, Banpresto, for their various crossover games. Many of the best-known Banpresto Originals exist mainly within the Super Robot Wars series, supporting the featured series and providing a larger plot connected to the various series plots. Other Banpresto Originals have appeared in other Banpresto game series, including The Great Battle and Hero Sakusen.

In 2007 Banpresto became a subsidiary of Namco Bandai Games (later renamed Bandai Namco Entertainment), and since then the new characters and machines in the series were simply referred to as "Original".


The first Banpresto Original character was Masaki Andoh, pilot of the Cybuster, the Masou Kishin of Wind, which was introduced in Super Robot Wars II, released for the Nintendo Famicom in 1991. The first game by Banpresto to devote itself entirely to its originals was Super Robot Wars Gaiden: Masō Kishin – The Lord of Elemental for the Super Famicom, released in 1996.

Later, Banpresto began a new original-centric series of Super Robot Wars games, titled Original Generation. The first two games, Super Robot Wars Original Generation and Super Robot Wars Original Generation 2 were released for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance, with the distinction of both titles being the only Super Robot Wars games officially translated and distributed in English by Atlus. A third game, titled Super Robot Wars Original Generations, an enhanced retelling of the first two games for the Sony PlayStation 2, was released on June 28, 2007. Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Animation, a three-episode OVA series, based on the first two games and set after the second game, was released in 2005. Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars, which began airing October 4, 2006, retells the events of Original Generation with its own special twists Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector.

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The names used for many Banpresto Originals are derived from various languages:

  • Many Earth-based original mecha are given names derived from the German language, as are the extraterrestrial Einst.
  • Mecha from the Ze Balmary Empire in the Super Robot Wars Alpha and Original Generation series have Hebrew names.
  • The Ruina mecha in Super Robot Wars D for the Game Boy Advance have Latin names.
  • The Shura God machines in Super Robot Wars Compact 3 have their names taken from ancient demons.
  • A number of the Banpresto Original characters also have either given names or surnames taken from firearm manufacturers.

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