Aya Kobayashi
Shin Super Robot Wars character
Voiced by Yumi Touma (Japanese)
Age 21
Gender Female
Species Human Psychodriver
Nationality Japanese
Known relatives Mai Kobayashi (Adoptive sister),
Kenzo Kobayashi (Adoptive father)
Military History
Affiliation SRX Team
Rank Captain
Mobile Weapons R-3 (Shin, @1, OG1, OGs)
R-3 Powered,
SRX Altered Banpreios (@3),
Gespenst MK II TT (@1, OG1, OGs)

Aya Kobayashi (アヤ・コバヤシ) is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. In canon, she is one of the pilots for the SRX Altered Banpreios, and is joined by fellow pilots Ryusei Date, Raidiese F. Branstein and sister Mai Kobayashi in the Super Robot Wars Alpha timeline. In every other continuity, she is the pilot of the R-3 Powered and operates the T-Link System when the R-3 combines with Ryusei's R-1 and Rai's R-2 Powered to form the SRX.


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Theme MusicEdit

  • Everywhere You Go - Default theme in Shin Super Robot Wars.
  • Psychic Energy - Default theme in all appearances.
  • Variable Formation - Used when she, Ryusei and Rai perform "Formation R" combination attack.

Personality And traitsEdit

21-year old Aya Kobayashi is the oldest daughter of Dr. Kenzo Kobayashi, the creator of the T-Link System. As captain of the SRX Team, she often looks out for the well-being of her teammates, both on and off the battlefield. Aya is also an adept Psychodriver, in fact, a very powerful one, for she is the key in forming the mighty SRX machine. A nice, charming woman, who enjoys walking around art museums, she looked up to ex-SRX Team Commander Ingram Prisken a lot before he betrayed the team and allied with the Aerogaters.


Aya Kobayashi, actually, is not the biological daughter of Kenzo Kobayashi, but one of his test subjects for his research on the T-Link System, years before the events of Original Generation occurred. Kenzo merely altered Aya's memories so she would respond to him like any daughter would to a father, but also to heighten her Psychodriver abilities, for Aya possessed unusually, strong psychic abilities. She would be enlisted into the Earth Federation Army and become the first member of the SRX Team, headed by Major Ingram Prisken. The arrival of Ryusei Date and Raidiese F. Branstein would complete the team, and begin their pilot training for the SRX unit.

Things would take a turn for the worst, when the first test in trying to combine the SRX would fail, as a result of sabotage from none other than Ingram, who revealed he was an Aerogater spy. The failed combination left Aya not only physically injured, but emotionally too, for she was hurt the most by Ingram's betrayal. However, she would continue assisting the Earth forces in the Aerogator invasion and eventually meet up with Ingram for one last battle. Before his defeat, Ingram tells Aya not to dwell on the events of her past, but focus on the start of a new future for herself. Ingram's dying words would serve purpose as the story of Original Generation 2 unfolds.

The SRX Team would be temporarily disbanded in Original Generation 2: Raidiese would be relocated to Hawaii with Kai Kitamura and Latooni Subota as part of the reformed Aggressors unit, while Ryusei and Aya would stay in Japan with Viletta Vadim and Irmgult Kazahara, in order to test out the new R-Blade robot and assist Kenzo with his research. When the Neo Divine Crusaders began their revolt, the team would be formed again, this time, with the addition of Mai Kobayashi, Aya's sister. But Mai was not just a sibling, for she was once Levi Tolar, the leader of the Aerogater invaders in the previous war. Thought dead, but recovered after searching through the wreckage of the Judecca, Kenzo would alter Levi's memories into that of Mai, as well as Aya's memories, so that the two would have heightened emotions, enabling the T-Link System to be used to its full advantage.

A turn for the worse would happen when Neo Divine Crusaders Agilla Setme would reveal the truth to both Kobayashi sisters about their origins, that being research subjects to Kenzo and having their memories altered for experimental purposes. Losing all reason at who she really she is, Aya was about to give up, but support and encouragement from the cast would make her realize that who she is now is what matters, thereby reflecting on the words Ingram gave her before he died. Aya would not harbor any ill will to Kenzo, in experimenting and altering her memories, for Kenzo was the closest thing she would ever have to a father, and Mai as a sister. With a new resolve, she, the SRX Team, and the rest of the Original Generation cast would do battle with the Neo Divine Crusaders, as well as the Shadow-Mirror, the Inspectors and the enigmatic Einst.

Aya Kobayashi in the Alpha timeline is completely similar to her Original Generation counterpart, both in history and personality. The only difference is that Levi was convinced to join the Londo Bell forces against the Aerogaters, thus reuniting the sisters. In 3rd Super Robot Wars Alpha, Aya would be captured by the Balmarians, after the SRX was nearly destroyed by Hazal Gozzo's Vaikran, and be taken to their homeworld. When the Alpha Numbers reached Balmar, they immediately rescued her, who at that time, was believed to be dead. Aya would take her seat in the new SRX Altered Banpreios and continue with the war against the Balmarians.


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