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The Astranagant(アストラナガン) is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series. It appears as an enemy unit in Super Robot Wars Alpha, but can be made recruitable and has appeared in Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden and the Super Robot Wars Alpha 3: To the End of the Galaxy. It has appears in the opening sequence of the animated Super Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars.

Its theme song is entitled "Kokuu Kara no Shisha" (虚空からの使者), which translates as "The Messenger From The Void", but alternatively means "Herald of Oblivion".


The Astranagant is jet-black in color, with red highlights on its head, arms, legs, and chest. Its body is slender and insectoid. Its wedge-shaped head is mostly featureless apart from a pair of blood-red eyes with dull metallic highlights around them. The Astranagant sports segmented, telescoping projections on its back that emit greenish psychic energy to form ghostly, feathered "wings". Its weapons are mostly self-contained -- its only handheld weapon is the Z.O. (Zfylud Orihalconium) Sword.

Technical And Historical[]

The Astranagant was created by the Aerogaters, a race from the planet Balmar that attempted to invade Earth. The Astranagant is one of the more powerful mechs that have been created by them, followed by the Dis Astranagant. The Astranagant is piloted by a  Psychodriver pilot , which harnessing a psychic energy both as weapon and a defensive system; its T-Link System can amplify the pilot's telekinetic power into a protective Nendō Field. The Astranagant is made of Zfylud crystals, an elemental material found only on the Balmarian homeworld. Zfylud crystals reproduce themselves, emit harnessable energy and gain sentience in large quantities, behaving much like nanomachines. These crystals constantly maintain the Astranagant's condition, repairing it on their own when the unit is damaged.

The Astranagant is designed and piloted by Ingram Plissken, an Aerogater spy , who is sent to infiltrate the Earth Federation's Military .After joining the military as an undercover Decid becomes the leader of the SRX Team -- it is the team which is chosen by the Federation High Command to combat the invaders. Ingram later betrays the SRX Team by shooting the R-Series' SRX during executing the combination sequence, almost killing Aya Kobayashi in the process. After Ingram returns to the Aerogaters, he will appear as an enemy unit. In one of the missions Ingram appears in, he nearly kills Ryusei Date, one of The SRX team members. However, Ingram and his Astranagant can be convinced to side with the player in the last mission of  Super Robot Taisen Alpha.

In Alpha Gaiden, the Astranagant appears in the future as the core of the Ancestors' Aurgelmir. The Astranagant bursts out of the Aurgelmir's belly when the latter uses its most powerful attack, the Dogma Blaster.

In Alpha 3, the Astranagant appears in the first mission of Cobray Gordon's story. Although badly damaged, it seems to come alive and assimilates the Varuch Ben, transforming it into the Werkbau and erasing the pilot's memory in the process. As the game progresses, the Astranagant completely takes over the unit and becomes the Dis Astranagant, a redesigned version of the original Astranagant. This would be the first time the Astranagant has shown the capability of evolving into a higher form, when fused with another mecha, if the Astranagant's power is found to be insufficient. The second demonstration of this ability occurs in the fusing of the Astranagant and the SRX in Divine Wars, it was transformed into the DiSRX, though the effect is only temporary.


Model Number: AGX-15 Aerogator Type-X 15

Code Name: Kuroki no Tenshi / The Black Angel

Height: 40.7 meters

Weight: 187.9 tons

Main Power Source: Quantum Wave Motion Engine

Armor Material: Zfylud Crystal

Defensive System: Nendō Field

Weapon Systems:

  • Photon Vulcan
    Mounted in the unit's head, this weapon fires a stream of photons.
  • Z.O. Sword
    A handheld, single-edged sword, charged with psychokinetic energy when in use.
  • Attracter Shower
    A Rain of T-Link Feathers , fired from the unit's wing shooting upwards and shower to the opponent like A Rain
  • T-Link Feathers
    Psychokinetic projectiles fired from the wings.Explode upon impact.
  • Gun Familiar
    the Gun Familiars are released from the unit's back body. When in use, they surround the target and shooting rapidly it with energy beams.
  • Axion Cannon
    Mounted on the Astranagant's hand, this weapon launches a Dimensional Black Hole -absorbing and crushing the target in a Dimensional Vortex
  • Infinity Cylinder
    Fired from the Astranagant's chest, this weapon releases the full power of the machine, subjecting its target in the space-time continuum that capable in erasing the existence of the opponent .


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  • The Astranagant's name comes from 2 real-life gun companies, Astra-Unceta y Cia SA and Mosin-Nagant.
  • The Astranagant is supposedly the only Banpresto Original machine that could take on the Granzon in a one-on-one battle and still potentially win.
  • Supposedly, this machine is so incredibly powerful that only one instance of it (or its descendant, the Dis Astranagant) can exist at a time, even though there are probably an infinite number of different versions of Ingram to pilot it. This may explain why Ingram uses the R-Gun Rivale in SRWOG instead of the Astranagant.