The Astelion is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series. It appears as a playable unit in Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2 and Super Robot Wars Original Generations. Its upgrade, the Astelion AX, appears in Original Generations and Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden. The Astelion's namesake is derived from a heavenly body, specifically, the star, Asterion, better known today as Chara or Beta Canum Venaticorum


Similar to the Guarlion, but with generally slimmer, lightweight features and numerous stabilizing fins, the Astelion's body is designed for high-speed combat. Its most noticeable features are the large boosters mounted on each shoulder, that house its Twin Tesla Drive propulsion system. Their somewhat disproportionate size makes the Armored Module appear to be hanging onto the boosters during attacks, such as the Sonic Breaker. While in its Boost Figure, the machine's hips shifts back, as its legs fold forward, while the head retracts into the torso. Intended for Ibis Douglas, the Astelion is predominantly white, with highlights of black, grey, red, and gold.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

While the foundations of Project Terrestrial Dream had created the Armored Module Lion series, a cheap, effective fusion of fighter jets and mecha, it and subsequent designs were insufficient for the Project's original intent: space exploration. In order to give such a machine the versatility it needs, Filio Presty determines a variable design is needed to fully combine the strengths of a high-speed jet and a stable humanoid form. The prototype of this design, the YAM-007-1 Astelion, codenamed "α Proto", is realized, after the testing of the Twin Tesla Drive in the Calion units and built at the Tesla Leicht Institute. Using the Guarlion as a base, the Astelion features a weapons loadout similar to the Guarlion, in both its handheld and integrated weaponry. While the Astelion can transform into the jet-like Boost Figure, it was not designed to maintain that form for long periods, only doing so when performing the signature Maneuver RaMVs attack. The data collected from the Astelion later is used to perfect the transformation mechanism of the Altairion.

Completed before the Inspectors occupies the Institute, the Astelion is smuggled out by Tsugumi Takakura, during the alien attack as she, Ibis, Sleigh Presty, and Rätsel Feinschmecker escape. Despite not going through formal testing before its first sortie, the Astelion quickly proves its worth by matching the Silverwind, along with the Cybuster, driving away Aguija and allowing the small group to join with the Hagane and Hiryu Custom in the continuing war against the Inspectors, Shadow-Mirror and Einst.

Following the events of Original Generation 2, the Astelion's design is further refined into the YAM-007-1AX Astelion Advanced X (AX being pronounced as "axe"). The impetus behind the upgrade is originally outlined in the Super Robot Wars Dengeki manga. In it, the original machine is heavily damaged by a Garoika drone, and the retooling of the Astelion into the AX occurs during its repair. In Original Generations, the Garoika attack is not mentioned (possibly retconned), and the AX first appears at the Aviano Air Base, during a simultaneous test of it and the new GESTALT Mironga unit.

The most obvious change between the AX and the original is the upgraded machine has lost the overly large shoulder boosters. Without the bulky implements impeding them, the AX's arms are given much more freedom in handling guns and blades. In their place are shoulder pods reminiscent of the Guarlion's, but with larger nacelles reminiscent of the later Altairion's that extend above and below the shoulder. Also added are a taller head fin and wider, more defined wings, in order to give the AX a stabler airfoil, for precise maneuvers. Underneath each forearm are compartments similar to the Altairion's housings that stored its CTM series missiles. The interior of the machine is also changed, specifically in terms of a larger, two-person cockpit. With a main pilot, Ibis, and navigator, Tsugumi, the AX is capable of more complicated attack patterns, and achieves an output of 120% compared to the original.




Height: 20.2 meters

Weight: 38.0 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • Assault Blade
    A common melee weapon found on most Armored Modules.
  • Burst Railgun
    The same handheld railgun, first employed by the Guarlion.
  • Machine Cannon
    A pair of chest-mounted short range guns for strafing attacks.
  • Sonic Breaker
    Creating a Break Field in front of itself, the Astelion charges into the enemy.
  • Maneuver RaMVs
    An A-Rank maneuver, this technique involves the Astelion charging the enemy, as it fires off Machine Cannon rounds before transforming into its BF Mode. Sending a volley of missiles at the enemy, the transformed Astelion clips the enemy, before turning back, reverting to its normal Figure, before ramming the enemy repeatedly with its Sonic Breaker attack. "RaMVs" stands for "Rapid acceleration Mobility break Volley shoot."

Astelion AXEdit

Astelion Ax

Height: 26.4 meters

Weight: 31.8 tons

Weapon Systems

  • Chaff Grenade
    Missiles loaded with electronic countermeasures that make enemies even less able to hit the speedy AX.
  • Assault Blade
    A common melee weapon found on most Armored Modules.
  • Burst Railgun
    The same handheld railgun first employed by the Guarlion.
  • Machine Cannon
    A pair of chest-mounted short range guns for strafing attacks.
  • Sonic Breaker
    Creating a Brake Field in front of itself, the Astelion AX charges into the enemy.
  • Maneuver GRaMDs
    This S-Rank Maneuver is too complex for just a main pilot to perform, and so both Ibis and Tsugumi must be commanding the unit to use it. In execution, the attack is very similar to Maneuver RaMVs, with the addition of a second launch of cannon fire and missiles just before the final ramming Sonic Breaker. "GRaMDs" is the abbreviation of "Gravicon Rapid acceleration Mobility break Direct shoot."

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