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The Ashsaviour is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series. It has appeared as a playable unit in Super Robot Wars Advance and the Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation series as an enemy and secret playable unit.


The original Ashsaviour is humanoid in appearance and sports a sleek, mobility-oriented design. Blue is designated around most of the chassis, with white along the other parts of its armor, and gray for most of the joints and fingers. The mass-produced versions are painted in a green and white color scheme.

Technical And Historical

The ASK-AD02 Ashsaviour is based on the design of the Ashclief from Super Robot Wars 64. It is a high-class balanced unit, piloted by exceptional officers of the Shadow-Mirror. Lemon Browning pilots the original Ashsaber in both Advance and Original Generation 2. Archibald Grims also pilots the unit, after his Rhinoceros land battleship is destroyed in his last stand in Original Generation 2. The Ashsaber is primarily equipped with homing missiles, two hand-held rifles, a beam coat, a missile jammer, and a laser blade for use in close combat. A remote weapons system is mounted on the shoulders of the unit.

After jumping into the Original Generation universe, the Shadow-Mirror began mass-producing many of its units brought over from their own dimension, using the resources supplied from the Neo Divine Crusaders and Isurugi Industries. At the same time, they decided to create a mass-production variant of the original Ashsaber. The result would be the ASK-AD02M Ashsaviour M, whose performance would surpass the Earth Federation Army's Gespenst MK II Ms and Huckebein MK II Ms. However, unlike the original, the remote weapons system was removed, due to it not being cost effective if mass-production was to happen.

In Super Robot Wars Original Generations, Lemon Browning would pilot a heavily customized Ash Saviour, tuned to her specifications, known as the ASK-AD02-2 Weisssaviour. Lemon added Weiss to the unit's name, after she discovered the codename of the machine Excellen Browning was piloting from Lamia Loveless. Unlike the previous Ashsaber, the remote weapons on the Weisssaviour are mounted on the back of the machine, rather than on the shoulders.


Ashsaviour/Ashsaviour M

  • Burning Dagger
    These are homing missiles, or perhaps micro-missiles, stored in and released from the shoulders.
  • Laser Blade
    A hand-held energy sword. The Advance version was shown to be larger than an ordinary mobile suit beam saber and delivered one vertical slash, but the Original Generation 2 version renders it the same size as a plasma cutter, with two slashes in the animation.
  • Gun Rapier
    A rapid firing beam rifle. The Advance version was double-barrelled: one on top of the other, and the barrels alternated firing. In the Original Generation 2 version, the beams were fired in a burst of three shots from a single barrel only.
  • Halberd Launcher
    Changing very little between its Advance and Original Generation 2 versions, the Halberd Shooter is a hand-held multi-beam launcher. The weapon is unique in that it opens up after it is pulled out, resembling a tuning fork with a pistol grip. Energy gathers as a ball between the tines, before being fired at the target as multiple beams.
  • Sword Breakers
    Available only on the original Ashsabers, the Sword Breakers launched several remote weapons resembling fin funnels from the Ashsaber's body. These weapons then circle the target, firing beams at it before edging closer and slashing it from all angles, similar to the R-3's Strike Shield attack. After firing this weapon, the Ashsaber's body looks bare, as if stripped of armor.


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Like most units created by the Shadow-Mirror, the Ashsaviour has a self-destruct option called Code ATA, which stands for "Ash To Ash."

In Super Robot Wars Advance Portable, Lemon pilots the Weisssaviour (instead of the Ashsaviour, which she piloted in the original version). There was a somewhat popular rumor that the Weisssaviour could be obtained as an unlockable, but this would later be proven false.