Aschen Brodel
Endless Frontier character
Mugen no Frontier Aschen Brodel
Voiced by Kaori Shimizu
Aliases W07
Age Ageless
Gender Female
Species W Series
Occupation Adventurer
Known relatives Lemon Browning (Mother),
Haken Browning (Adoptive Brother),
Lamia Loveless (Younger Sister)

Aschen Brödel (アシェン・ブレイデル Ashen Bureideru?) is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars OG Saga series and the protagonist of Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier. Aschen is a combat android from Lost Herenica and the little sister of Haken Browning with possessing a split-personality between a stoic and reserved android, to a cheerful and happy woman done by activating "Code DTD" (Dust-to-Dust) or whenever her body temperature raises high enough. While activating Code DTD, the green portions of her uniform temporarily dissolve, and her power output increases greatly. She has been alongside Haken for 23 years since he was a baby, but cannot remember her past prior to that accident. However,as she goes through various places, she was able to discover her true duty and identity: which is to protect her Older brother, Haken Browning aka W00, the first W series which is an artificial human bio engineered that was invented by their mother, Lemon Browning.

Aschen's move-set consists of striking attacks while utilizing a variety of armaments located inside her mechanical body. These include wired launchable fists, micro-missile launchers in her hips, and impact blasters in her heels.

Appearances Edit

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Endless Frontier Edit

Aschen Brodel was discovered 23 years before the events of the game emerging from the crashed battleship called the Mal Tierra, carrying the infant Haken. They were found by an adventurer named John Moses, who adopted Haken. When the game begins, Aschen accompanies Haken as they finally earn a permit to explore the Mal Tierra. This sets off a longer adventure when they find Kaguya Nanbu sleeping in one of the crew quarters on the ship.

Over the course of their adventure, they meet Cardia Basirissa, the older sister of Aschen, who is another  W-Series android with a similar design to her, and she seems to have a grudge against her regarding the duty that is given to them before the crash incident. Through Cardia, they eventually discover the truth about their origins.

She is originally W07, the intial form the W-Series of the Shadow-Mirror and the Lamia Loveless older sister.

Endless Frontier EXCEED Edit


Tigress Bite

  • Aschen attacks with a combination of punches and kicks, ending with a blaster-heel kick

Genbu Spike

  • Attacks the opponent with several rocket-punches.

Divine Lancer

  • Pops the enemy into the air with a high kick, and follows up with a flip kick and three rapid blaster heels.

Demon Lancer

  • Strikes the enemy with several rapid kicks, and pops them into the air with a final high kick.

Dragon Scale

  • Launches several micro-missiles at the enemy and follows up with three double-rocket-punches.

Phantasm Phoenix

  • Aschen unleashes a series of punches and kicks, then activates Code DTD, and launches with a balaster heel.

Code Lamia

  • Targets multiple foes with rocket punches. Heals Aschen

Code Empusa

  • Activates Code DTD and fogs up the battlefield, presumably due to high levels of heat. Inflicts various status ailments on all foes. Does no damage
    • Note that Code Empusa is not effective on bosses or the training robot. Also, Code Empusa ends with Aschen's KO'D pose, but it is unknown as to whether Code Empusa actually causes KO.

Phantom Step

  • Support attack. Launches the enemy with Code DTD and juggles with three blaster heels.

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  • Aschen's name is derived from Aschenbrödel, which is the German name for Cinderella. When executing some of her attacks with her legs, Aschen would yell out "Glass Heel" and some times Haken also call her " Cinderella ".
  • Aschen shares a number of similarities to Lamia Loveless; both characters are combat androids whom share similar character designs (and voices), and they share the same theme song, Ash-to-Ash.
    • The name "Phantasm Phoenix" is a reference to Angelg's signature attack, the Phantom Phoenix.
    • Aschen's relationship with Lamia Loveless is confirmed in the Mugen no Frontier drama CD. Kouta Azuma also mistook her as Lamia during their first meeting at EXCEED
    • At one point in EXCEED, Aschen suffered brainwashing and was pitted against Haken and his allies, ending with the brainwasher telling her to blow herself up; but this event is prevented by Axel Almer by performing the technique Code DTD (DustToDust). This event mirrors Axel's previous event, preventing the same thing to happen to Lamia, Aschen's little sister.
    • Haken Browning was the only human that is enhanced with the use of bio engineering consisting of human flesh while the rest of the W series were androids.
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