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The Angelg (アンジュルグ, Anjurugu) is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series. It has appeared as a playable unit Super Robot Wars Advance and the Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation series.


The Angelg, a super robot, is a distinctively feminine robot, with a color scheme in a combination of pink, white and gold. It is commonly pictured holding its bow. Its design is based on the Simurgh Splendid from Super Robot Wars 64, which looked like an angel.

Technical And Historical[]

The SMSC Angelg is equipped with two weapons: a sword (either a metal sword or a beam rapier, depending on the game) and a bow. It has the ability to create afterimages of itself because of its affinity for illusions. In all of its appearances, the controls are registered to recognize Lamia Loveless as its only pilot.


Model Number:SMSC (SiMurgh Splendid Custom)

Height:47.3 meters

Weight:98.2 tons

Weapons Systems:

  • Shadow Lancer (シャドウ・ランサー Shadō Ransā)
    The Angelg shoots several green darts from the shield on its left arm.
  • Mirage Sword (ミラージュ・ソード Mirāju Sōdo)
    The Angelg takes out a metal sword and stabs the enemy several times in a fury. In Original Generation 2, it is a beam rapier instead, and the Angelg only slashes at the enemy twice.
  • Illusion Arrow (イリュージョン・アロー Iryūjon Arō)
    The Angelg takes out its bow and shoots a blue arrow at the enemy. While the arrow flies, it leaves behind a trail of blue dust.
  • Mirage Sign (ミラージュ・サイン Mirāju Sain)
    The Angelg takes out its sword, carves two star shapes in the air and strikes through them, right through the enemy. In Original Generation 2, it uses a beam rapier and does five slashes on the enemy, which creates a pentagram. It then finishes it off by doing a final vertical slash.
  • Phantom Phoenix (ファントムフェニックス Fantomu Fenikkusu)
    The Angelg pulls out its bow and shoots a pink arrow. As the arrow is about to hit the enemy, it turns into a phoenix, and rams through the enemy. This is the Angelg's strongest attack.


Video Gallery[]


  • If one plays as Axel Almer in Advance, the Shadow-Mirror forces will deploy mutiple Angelg units against him.
  • The SMSC code that comes with Angelg's name has been refered as Shadow-Mirror Simurgh Custom by fans.
  • In the Debug Mode of the game's edition on GameBoy Advance, Angelg's name, as a unit, displays as SHUVAARAIZE.