The 'Alt Eisen' (アルトアイゼン Arutoaizen) is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series. Its upgrade is known as the 'Alt Eisen Riese' (アルトアイゼン・リーゼ Arutoaizen Rīze). The machine is the primary robot of Kyosuke Nanbu.

It appears as a playable unit in Super Robot Wars Compact 2 (Part 1 and 3), Super Robot Wars Impact, and the Super Robot Wars Original Generation series. It also appears in Super Robot Wars: Divine Wars and Super Robot Wars: The Inspectors.

Alt Eisen is German, meaning old iron or scrap iron and is part of a German expression, "zum alten Eisen gehören", which means "belongs on the scrap heap". Alt Eisen Riese means old iron giant or scrap iron giant.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Alt Eisen is predominantly red with black coloring on its joints and white on various parts of its front chassis and rear verniers. This unit is very bulky for its size and heavily armored, and carries an extreme load of firepower, with a left arm-mounted three-barreled machine cannon, a stake-like weapon on its right arm, and a pair of shoulder-mounted projectile launchers. Unique to the Alt Eisen is a protruding red horn located on its forehead.

The Alt Eisen Riese keeps the same color scheme and appears much bulkier than its original. The red horn on its forehead and the stake weapon on its right arm are greatly increased in size, the machine cannon has 2 additional barrels, and a pair of wings accompany the verniers for the machine.

Technical And Historical[edit | edit source]

Created and designed by Dr. Marion Radom, the PTX-003C Alt Eisen uses the scrapped PTX-003 Gespenst Test Type as its base, designed to be a Personal Trooper able to break through enemy forces swiftly in one assault. This unit specializes in close-to-mid range combat and is only equipped with solid weapons, as Marion was against the use of Extra-Over Technology at the time.

The head is equipped with a heat based horn, the left arm mounts a three-barreled machine cannon, the right arm is equipped with a powerful, close-range, armor-piercing Revolving Stake, and the shoulders possess two large Heavy Claymore boxes to supplement its mid-range attacks. In the Super Robot Wars Compact 2 trilogy it was given the model number PTX-03C because Banpresto had yet to make 10 or more models of Personal Troopers.

The Alt Eisen is Marion's bid for the next-generation, mass-production Personal Trooper of the Earth Federation Army as the Gespenst MK III, replacing the mass-produced Gespenst MK II M and was designed under the ATX Plan which aimed to create high performance Personal Troopers. However, the machine's concept was considered flawed: because of the heavy weight of the armor and the weapons, no pilot could effectively use it. In addition the Alteisen was designed primarily for close quarters combat and possesed no long range weapons. Coupled along with the high production cost, the Alt Eisen was deemed too impractical to mass-produce. The only unit produced is handed down to ATX Team member Kyosuke Nanbu when Marion realizes he is the only person who can utilize the Alt Eisen to its fullest. Despite original misgivings about the Alt, Kyosuke uses the Alt Eisen for the duration of the Divine Crusaders War and the L5 Campaign, alongside girlfriend Excellen Browning and her Weiss Ritter , performing their signature combination attack, the Rampage Ghost.

In Super Robot Wars Original Generation 2, during the middle of the new Divine Crusaders War against the Neo Divine Crusaders, Kyosuke requests upgrades for his Alt Eisen. However, because he is sortied out battle after battle, there is not enough time to grant his request until the machine is badly damaged by Axel Almer's Soulgain.

Marion complies with Kyosuke's list of upgrades, which are intended to fix the imbalancing issues the original has and strengthen its offensive capabilities. First, the Heat Horn on its forehead is replaced by a Plasma Horn and the Revolving Stake with the Revolving Bunker, the original weapon intended for the Alt Eisen but deemed too impractical for use. Two more barrels are added to the machine cannon, and the boxes containing the Square Claymores are increased in capacity and firing rate. Additional verniers accompany the original, giving the unit faster mobility and maneuverability, and more armor is placed, making it able to tank more in battle. A Tesla Drive is also installed into the chassis. Although a Tesla Drive normally allows a machine flight capabilities, because of the added weight to the Alt Eisen, it can only hover just slightly above the ground. Without the Tesla Drive, the unit cannot even stand upright, let alone take a single step. Finally, a pair of stabilizer wings fixes the imbalance of the machine. The result is the PTX-003C-SP1 Alt Eisen Riese. This is Kyosuke's unit for the remainder of the war against the Shadow-Mirror, Inspectors and the Einst.

Alt Eisen Nacht/Gespenst MK III/"Nacht"/Einst Beowulf[edit | edit source]

In the Shadow-Mirror universe, the Kyosuke of that dimension, under the codename Beowulf, pilots a similar machine to the Original Generation universe's Alt Eisen Riese, but given a blue color scheme. While this machine is never given the Alt Eisen codename, it is actually accepted as the successor to the Gespenst MK II M and receives the proper Gespenst MK III designation. Original Generations reveal Beowulf's MK III is more than just a color switch, as members of the Shadow-Mirror note that it looks slightly more inhuman, having red eyes instead of the usual green, and that it possesses regenerative capabilities. In the drama CD of Mugen no Frontier: Super Robot Wars OG Saga, a battle between Axel and Beowulf's MK III confirms the MK III's power output is greater than a super robot's, like the Soulgain.

In the beginning scenarios of the Original Generation 2 portion of Super Robot Wars OG Original Generations, while attempting to fool the forces of the Divine Crusader Remnants, Kyosuke repaints his Alt Eisen blue. Excellen notices the difference, and designates this "new" machine the Alt Eisen Nacht ("Nacht" meaning "night" in German). Unfortunately, the Remnants saw through Kyosuke's deception and he aptly switched back to the original red color.

Nacht in Endless Frontier EXCEED

In the spin-off Endless Frontier: Super Robot Wars OG Saga, the Orchestral Army creates a number of three-meter-tall autonomous combat robots based on a number of designs found in a crashed Trilobite-class battleship. Among the designs used was that of the Gespenst Mk. III, also designated "Alt Eisen Nacht". During the war with the world of Elfetale, the Alteisen-derived machine was given the name "Nacht" (ナハト Nahato). After the war, the Nacht, along with similar units based on the Gespenst, Weiss Ritter Abend, and Soulgain, disappeared. They were occasionally sighted among the worlds of the Endless Frontier, until they were eventually recovered by Haken Browning on the world of Varna Kanai. The Nacht and Abend fought with Haken's party until they shut down from overheating, whereupon the "Phantom" unit uploaded a control program into both machines, causing them to follow Haken's commands.

The Gespenst Mk. III has all the signature weapons of the original Alt Eisen, but with a Gatling Gun similar to the Riese instead of the Autocannon, and the addition of a smaller Claymore unit on its left arm built around the Gatling Gun.

In the brief opening sequence to Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector, the Nacht is named Mk.III by a seemingly Einst-influenced Beowolf. Its regenerative abilities and its ability to morph into an Einst-like form have been confirmed on-screen. In the final Episode, the evolved Mk.III is seen in the White Star after the destruction of Neue Regisseur and plans to take over the earth and evolves into a much more demonic mecha, Einst Beowulf. The Einst Beowulf, along with its pilot: The now-Einst-like Kyosuke Nanbu of the Shadow-Mirror universe, is killed by the OG universe's Kyosuke during the two machines' re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere.

Specifications[edit | edit source]

Alt Eisen[edit | edit source]

Height: 22.2 meters

Weight: 85.4 tons

Format Number: PTX-003C

Affiliation: ATX Team

Development: Marion Radom

Manufacturing: Mao Industries

Defense Equipment: Beam Coat, AB Field (only in Original Generation)

Pilot: Kyosuke Nanbu

Weapons Systems:

  • Split Missile x 12 (スプリットミサイル Supuritto Misairu)
    Two pods launched from the Alteisen's body, that split into smaller submunitions in flight. These only appeared in Compact 2 and Original Generation.
  • Autocannon x 1 (3連マシンキャノン Sanren Mashin Kyanon, lit. 3-round Machine Cannon)
    A three-barreled gun mounted on the Alteisen's left arm.
  • Heat Horn x 1 (ヒートホーン Hīto Hōn)
    The horn mounted on the forehead is charged with energy, allowing the Alt Eisen to cut its target with a swing of its head.
  • Revolving Stake x 1 (リボルビング・ステーク Riborubingu Sutēku)
    An oversized stake mounted on the right arm. Six charges in a revolver-like chamber can be fired to drive the stake into the body of the target, making this weapon extremely powerful against weaker Personal Troopers and Armored Modules.
Although the Heavy Claymore weapon is a ranged weapon, it is usually classified as a melee weapon, presumably to take advantage of the pilot's focus on melee-based attacks.
  • Special Attack: Trump Card (「切り札」Kirifuda, lit. Trump Card)
    Not exactly a weapon, the Trump Card is a series of precision timed attacks from the primary weapons of the Alt Eisen. The attack animation varies from game to game, but usually begins with the Alt Eisen firing the Autocannon, followed by the Heat Horn, and ending with the Revolving Stake or Heavy Claymore. The Alt Eisen would empty all six charges in order to maximize the damage done by the Revolving Stake. The Trump Card is unique in that it can only be performed once every time the Alt Eisen is sent out into battle.
  • Special Attack: Rampage Ghost (ランページ・ゴースト Ranpēji Gōsuto)
    Kyosuke and Excellen's signature attack combination. There are different attack animations depending on the game:
    • In Original Generation, the Alt Eisen rushes in first, while the Weiss Ritter fires its Triple Beam Cannon attack. A successful hit allows the Alt to deliver its Heat Horn attack, followed by a returning attack of the Weiss's Oxtongue Launcher E at point-blank range. To end it off, the Alt uses its Revolver Stake while the Weiss simultaneously stabs the enemy with its Plasma Cutter.
    • In Original Generation 2, the attack animation is the same as Original Generation's, albeit the Weiss uses its Oxtongue Launcher B attack instead of its Plasma Cutter at point-blank range.
    • In Original Generations, the attack begins with both mecha flying towards the enemy while the Alt Eisen empties its entire arsenal of its Heavy Claymore attack. The Weiss Ritter supports the Alt with the E mode of the Oxtongue Launcher. The target is juggled into the air by the shots as the Alt and Weiss position themselves on both sides a short distance away. Both machines then frantically charge at the unit, attacking with the Alt's Autocannon and the Weiss's Triple Beam Cannon before slamming into the enemy from both sides with the Revolver Stake and Oxtongue Launcher B, emptying their clips into the unit at point-blank range. The Alt and Weiss retreat away as the enemy is engulfed in a cataclysmic explosion.

Alt Eisen Riese[edit | edit source]

Alt Eisen Riese

Height: 23.8 meters

Weight: 99.7 tons

Format Number: PTX-003C-SP1

Affiliation: ATX Team

Development: Marion Radom, Kyousuke Nanbu

Manufacturing: Mao Industries

Defense Equipment: Beam Coat

Pilot: Kyosuke Nanbu

Weapons Systems:

  • Chaingun x 1 (5連チェーンガン 5-Ren Chēngan, lit. 5-round Chaingun)
    Mounted on the left arm, the Alt Eisen Riese fires a five-barreled machine cannon linked in a gatling gun fashion.
  • Plasma Horn x 1 (プラズマホーン Purazuma Hōn)
    Charged with electrical energy, the Plasma Horn has greater damage than its Heat Horn predecessor.
  • Revolving Bunker x 1 (リボルビング・バンカー Riborubingu Bankā)
    The original weapon intended for the Alt Eisen, the mechanics behind the Revolving Bunker are exactly the same as the Revolving Stake except that the cylinder is much larger, yielding greater damage. While the Alt Eisen Riese usually fires only one charge in past incarnations, the attack animation seen in Original Generations has the Riese unload all six charges and proceed to reload with a Personal Trooper-sized speedloader.
  • Claymore Avalanche x 2 (アヴァランチ・クレイモア Avaranchi Kureimoa)
    The upgraded version of the Heavy Claymore, the Claymore Avalanche fires a significantly greater number of titanium ball bearings at a faster rate. Like the Heavy Claymore, this attack can damage multiple enemies, as seen in Original Generations.
  • Special Attack: Claymore Overlord (エリアル・クレイモア Eriaru Kureimoa)
    Similar to the Trump Card, this is a series of precision timed attacks utilizing the Alt Eisen Riese's arsenal. While the attack animation varies from game to game, it usually begins with the Chaingun, followed by the Plasma Horn, Revolving Bunker, and finally the Claymore Avalanche.
  • Special Attack: Rampage Ghost (ランページ・ゴースト Ranpēji Gōsuto)
    Kyosuke and Excellen's signature combination attack. There are different attack animations depending on the game:
    • In Impact, the Weiss Ritter launches 4 sets of Split Missiles. A successful hit allows the Alt Eisen Riese to deliver its Plasma Horn attack, sending the enemy flying away, followed by a returning attack of the Weiss's Oxtongue Launcher E at point-blank range. To end it off, the Alt uses its Revolving Bunker while the Weiss simultaneously stabs the enemy with its Plasma Cutter.
    • In Original Generation 2, both the Alt Eisen Riese and the Rein Weiss Ritter fire their Chaingun and Triple Beam Cannon attack, respectively. The Alt rushes while the Weiss uses its Howling Launcher E attack. A successful hit allows the Alt to deliver its Plasma Horn attack, sending the enemy unit flying directly into the energy beam from the Howling Launcher. The Alt then drives its Revolving Bunker into the enemy, setting off all 6 of its charges, resulting in the enemy flying off. The Weiss returns a Howling Launcher B attack at point-blank range, and with the Alt, simulataneously unleash the Howling Launcher X and Claymore Avalanche attacks, ending the combination attack.
    • In Original Generations, while the Rein Weiss Ritter unleashes a barrage of its Howling Launcher E-Mode on the enemy, the Alt charges its Plasma Horn and pierces the unit and sends it flying away. The Weiss returns with a few shots of the Howling Launcher B-Mode and the Alt unloads its Claymore Avalanche attack. As the Weiss charges its Howling Launcher into its X-Mode, the Alt slams the Revolving Bunker into the enemy and delivers it into the path of the X-Mode's beam. The impact from both attacks is so great that the enemy explodes in a cataclysmic fashion while the Alt and Weiss look on from far away.
  • Special Attack: E.D.N.(Eternaly Darning Nails)
    Flickerei Geist and Alt Eisen Riese's signature combination attack.

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