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Albert Grey

Albert Grey is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. He has appeared as an non-playable character in Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation and Super Robot Wars Original Generations.

Albert Grey was the initial president of Earth in Original Generation. He was involved in negotiating talks with the Aerogaters in Antarctica. Shu Shirakawa attacked the Aerogater ship and destroyed the majority of the EFA's army over at the base and took down the Shirogane. He is willing to negotiate and accept terms even if it would involve submission and surrender to the Aerogaters, which is opposed by Bian. He was injured in the attack but survived. He opposed the Divine Crusaders ideals by Bian Zoldark and would eventually be killed when the Divine Crusaders led by Adler Koch attacks Geneva. He was succeeded by Brian Midcrid, who's presidency now unifies the Earth and the autonomous colonies.

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