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The ATX Team (ATXチーム) is a squadron from the Original Generation Saga, first seen in Super Robot Wars Original Generation. They are composed of mecha pilots who participate in the ATX Project and give suggestions and such, some of them even piloting the products of the Project. The team is often stationed on the battleship Hiryuu Kai. Later, the team is integrated as part of the Steel Dragon Squadron.


The ATX Team's first commander, codename Assault 1. Former Special Tactics Guidance Corps member with expert swordsmanship. During the DC War, he betrayed the EFF and joined the DC so that he could act as an obstacle for the heroes to overcome in preparation for the inevitable war with the aliens. After the DC War ended, he did not return to the ATX Team but still joined the heroes in the battle against the Aerogators, as well as the numerous forces that would aim to cause harm to humanity in the future. His position and codename was taken by Kyousuke Nanbu after his "betrayal". His rank was Major when he left the EFF.

ATX Team's current commander. His initial codename was Assault 4 but changed to Assault 1 after his promotion in accordance with Sänger's desertion. His rank rose from Sub-Lieutenant to Lieutenant after he joined ATX Team.

Deputy commander. Her codename is Assault 2. Her rank rose from Sub-Lieutenant to Lieutenant after she joined ATX Team.

Nickname "Bullet". A powerful telekinetic, as well as specializing in close combat, especially swordfight. His codename is Assault 3. His rank rose from Senior Master Sergeant to Sub-Lieutenant after he joined ATX Team.

A Shadow-Mirror cyborg spy who infiltrated ATX Team in an attempt to hijack one of their Space Noah-class spaceships when the time is right, however she had a change of heart after much exposure with the team and decided to fight alongside her new comrades against her creators. After Shadow-Mirror was defeated, she officially joined the EFF's Special Tactics Guidance Corps due to her adaptability to all sorts of mobile weapons. Her temporarily codename during the Inspector War was Assault 4, Kyousuke's old codename.

Another telekinetic, whose power surpasses those of Bullet's. She joined the ATX Team after the Inspector War, replacing Lamia's position as Assault 4.

  • Arriere Orge

She was asked to join the ATX Team due to her machine, the Flickerei Geist, sharing the same type of weapon with the Alteisen Riese. Her codename is Assault 5.


  • Alteisen: One of the two machines of the ATX Project, piloted by Kyousuke. Frontal breakthrough-oriented Personal Trooper with immense thrust, heavy armor and destructive weapons.
  • Weissritter: One of the two machines of the ATX Project. piloted by Excellen. Long-range sniping unit with high mobility and flight capabilities.
  • Rein Weissritter: An uncanny upgraded version of the Weissritter by the Einst after Excellen and her PT were captured by them.
  • Mass-Production Gespenst Mk-II: A pair of MP Gespenst Mk-IIs were assigned to Kyousuke and Excellen during the ATX Team's first missions, as the Alteisen and Weissritter were not yet completed. After the ATX Project mecha had been finished, the 2 Gespensts were given to pilots Katina Tarask and Russel Bergman of the Octopus Platoon, becoming the two's personal machines for the many conflicts to follow.
  • Mass-Production Gespenst Mk-II Type-TT: A MP Gespenst Mk-II variation equipped with a T-Link System onboard, allowing for usage of telekinetic weapons such as the T-Link Ripper. 3 units were built, with Unit 3 sent to the ATX Team and piloted by Bullet, until he switches to the Huckebein Mk-II.
  • Huckebein Mk-II: The second generation of the Huckebein RTX series, it is no longer equipped with a Black Hole Engine due to safety concerns and instead loaded with a Plasma Generator. It is equipped with a Gravity Control System, shortened as G-Con, which can be used to generate the defensive G-Wall barrier and to operate the G-Impact Cannon. It is also loaded with a T-Link System. This is Bullet's personal machine for the DC War, L5 campaign and the first half of the Inspector War, until he switches to the double-seated Grungust Type-3 with Kusuha.
  • Grungust Type-0: The prototype unit of the Grungust SRG series, it is created as an almighty Super Robot specializing in swordfight, surpassing normal Personal Troopers in power to deal with giant enemy weapons. It's armor is made from Variable Geometric Alloy, a type of shape-memory alloy that is used for the entire Grungust Series, allowing them limited shapeshifting abilities, mostly for transformation to alternate modes. For the Type-0's case, VGA is used to withstand the stress placed on the machine when the Reishiki Zankantou is used. It is piloted by Saenger for the DC War and L5 campaign, until he switches to the Grungust Type-3 Unit 2 in the Inspector War.
  • Grungust Unit 2: An identical version of the first Grungust unit, red-painted with a lion-themed head. Serves as Bullet's personal mecha in place of the Huckebein Mk-II in the Mangas.
  • Grungust Type-2: is the successor to the original Grungust, also created by Tesla Leicht near the tail end of the war with the Divine Crusaders. In battle, it is roughly equivalent to the first Grungust, however, its armor seems to be lighter in order to lower production costs. In addition, the transformation abilities have been limited so that it can only transform into the flying G-Hawk, though it has also been modified using new technology so that the transforming sequence can occur twice as fast.
  • RyuuKoOu/KoRyuuOu: The Chōkijin are ancient robots of unknown origin that are based on the four Chinese gods. RyuuOhKi (Dragon Lord Machine) and the KoOhKi (Tiger Lord Machine) were found in ancient Chinese ruins and awoken when the Einst appears. They have chosen Kusuha and Bullet as their pilots and have absorbed the Grungust Type-3 in order to be repaired anew and allows them to perform a spectacular combination to become the RyuKoOh, where the RyuOhKi transforms over the KoOhKi and can transform into the KoRyuOh, when the KoOhKi combines over the RyuOhKi.
  • Angelg: The Angelg was brought over by the Shadow Mirror to the other side, with false data provided to the Earth Federation falsifying it to be a prototype weapon being developed by Isurugi Heavy Industries. Angelg is equipped with two weapons: a sword (either a metal sword or a beam rapier, depending on the game) and a bow. It has the ability to create afterimages of itself because of its affinity for illusions. Was destroyed sometime during Original Generations 2, but later got rebuilt and was used onwards in more titles.
  • Vaisaga: Built at around the same time as Soulgain and was given to Lamia by Lemon during her defecting to the Hagane. The Vaisaga is equipped with a variety of weapons: kunai, shurikens, wrist-mounted claws and its main weapon, a sheathed sword. The red cape can also serve as a functional shield: if hit, it will pull its cape, defending itself.
  • Flickerei Geist: The Flickerei Geist is a prototype mobile weapon developed by the Gaia Sabers for Project Idealants, it however was deemed a failure and was slated for disposal with only the torso being built, however the unit was hastily built using parts of the Alt Eisen that was taken by Axel Almer during the Inspector war and spare parts meant for the Rapiéçage. These combination of parts allows it to function similarly to the Alt Eisen as a mid to close combat unit using the Revolving Stake and Machine Cannons on its right and left arms repectively along with using the stake to perform the highspeed Magnum Stake maneuver, however during its initial operation it wasn't able to fully utilize its full power, due to the inactive Faul Kern high output generator that was derived from the core of the Jetzt, however during the Black Sky incident of the Sealing War contact with the Red Orge would reawaken the Faul Kern in both Flickerei and Alles Geist allowing Flickrei to use the powerful Uncanny Ultimatum Nails combat pattern using all its weapons in conjunction with the powerful Force Ray beam weapon mounted in the shoulders.